expensive way to get a rash  

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6/7/2006 1:22 pm expensive way to get a rash

Today the emphasis of irritation shifted for me. In the past few days it's been my job, but today I've been mostly irritated by suncream/sunblock and the indurvidual who lives next door to me.

Firstly in view of the bootiful weather we've been having I decided to wear some sunblock. Just on strategic points, hands, neck and face. I now have lots of red raised lumps. Dohh!!!

This didn't help my mood with the cow next door. She is intent on not putting her rubbish out for the dustmen and letting the wheelie bin fill with animal waste and rotting things until the smell starts to fill all the houses and surrounding area.
For her kids health as much as my own I put the bins out for her and tidy up but it shouldn't be my responsibility.
She is causing health hazards and I'm going to complain to the environmental health dept and her council landlords.
If I complain directly and politely I get nowhere. I'm convinced she needs professional help.
All she does all day is chain smoke her cigarettes and complain that she has asthma. Asthma!!!! I don't think so.

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

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