One last shot across the bows..... (Banking poetry warning)  

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7/22/2006 5:02 pm

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One last shot across the bows..... (Banking poetry warning)

This one is for everyone working for companies that are performing poorly because the management are focusing on the wrong things.

From good to great

We're going to go from Good to Great,
The managers enthused,
Of course, Oh yes!, Oh quite! they said,
But all were quite bemused.

We'll focus just on language,
See our lie's the master plan,
And if we gain their confidence,
We'll sell them all we can.

We'll never say a sorry word,
Just baffle them with science,
Just smile a sweeter smile
They will forget they're with the lions

We're going to go from Good to Great,
Let's hang that on the wall,
We doff our caps, you are our best,
But what exactly have you said?

I tell you what,
You bunch of clots,
You've not a single clue,
Just listen close and maybe I'll tell thee what to do.

Pay your staff a living wage,
The average won't do!
Listen to your people,
Give them time to follow-through.

Make promises you aim to keep,
Don't overcharge,
Admit defeat,
They'll love you in the long run if you do.

For a happy customer stays the course,
They never stray,
Or moan at all,
In comfortable confidence of the best.

And when at last you listen,
And revise your many systems,
Your journey will be shorter than you thought.


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