Hardly setting the world on fire.....  

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6/5/2006 3:35 pm

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Hardly setting the world on fire.....

Almost every day when i sit at my desk and take call after call I'm reminded of the TV show "The Apprentice". The last but one episode in particular.
The contestants for the dream job are interviewed by a bunch of hard nosed individuals. The get a right ol' grilling.
The car salesman was told something like, "Hmmm so your currently earning £20K , (Or something like that), sales work...blah blah blah.......hardly setting the world on fire are you????!"
Hmmm well the same can be said for the vast majority of office jobs including my own.

Today I informed my manager of my intention to quit within a few months. Perhaps not a good decision financially but morally and spiritually it felt good.
I stick by very few rules but I never continue working for a company that I wouldn't voluntarily be a customer of. How can I push services that I believe are sub-standard?

My manager showed me my averaged statistics for the past few weeks. We are measured by the usual call centre yard sticks....calls taken, number of transfers, number of problems resolved and the time spent not talking before taking another call.
The last one is the most significant. Clearly the less time we spend not talking to customers between calls the better. This is known as "After call time". Hmmm bet you'd never have guessed.
As my enthusiasm has faded by the day so my after call time has increased. I calculated that if the trend were allowed to continue then my cumulative after call would be nearly 6 hours a day by November.

Well either way they've got a few months to think about my leaving present.....if any.
Judging by the anal lube given to a long-standing member of staff that left last week, (See previous posts) it may be nothing at all. Alternatively it could be a bottle of baby oil.....or perhaps just a small bottle of cod liver oil for my joints.

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

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