Friday was a good day.  

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2/10/2006 5:26 pm

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Friday was a good day.

Friday was a good day.
Went to dentist, minimal work, no injection and minimal cost.
Next I had to go to DIY furniture store.....the Swedish one to exchange a faulty handle from a kitchen sink unit. Got good customer service from all concerned, a nice mocca coffee, (Free) and they would have replaced the whole item if I hadn't pointed out that I only wanted another handle.
On the way home I spotted an old work colleague waiting at the bus stop. As I drove past I waved but she didn't see I u-turned at the first safe opportunity and went for another pass.
This time with a honk of the horn she spotted me.
I drove on then cursed myself....impolite not to offer a lift. I was 2 min from home and she lives miles away but it doesn't do to leave a mate standing in the cold....even a long lost work mate/drinking buddy.
She declined the lift which was a shame but at least I went home with a clear conscience and the brief chat we had made my day.
Now some might say it's wrong to offer or accept lifts. It can be but that said I think it's far more wrong to drive around in a heavy car made to carry five without at least trying to fill the seats. Car sharing is a good idea, more of us should try it.

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

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