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4/12/2006 8:10 pm

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Okay, I've got another one for you. I was online chatting, of course, and was quite popular at the moment. I had plenty of guys asking for my personal email and my Im on Yahoo. Well, I start to Im some of them and they all of the sudden get quiet! They say "Hi" and then I have to carry on the conversation from there. What the heck are you doing??? If you are the type of person who can't converse with a stranger, then don't ask me to send you and IM! I have no problem talking to you in front of everyone in the AdultFriendFinder chatroom. If you want to get personal and are afraid to ask me what you want to know, then write me an email. Don't leave me hanging around for 10 minutes at a time waiting for a response. I have nothing to hide! If you can't talk then please, don't waste my time! I certainley won't waste yours!


4/15/2006 6:37 am

That is quite odd. Since , for guys, it's usaully so obnoxiously competitive in a chat room it would just seem that you'd won some sort of chat lottey to suddenly be one on one.

It's not a stretch to assume then that someone like that actually needs some sort of "pack mentality" around them to even pretend to have a little confidence. But when really given a smidge of a chance at some privacy it then becomes apparent that they have no confidence whatsoever.

But that right there is a quite similar model to how many people's frist attempts at dates go here. They can talk the talk as long it stays online but can't walk the walk once it comes to the real life person to person meetings. And that's such a common thing to hear about. I would guess that about half of the first dates people try from go something like that.

But if those guys can't handle even a one on one chat they'd nowhere near have the capacity to actually meet someone for real.

You also have to figure there is some percentage of guys here who have lied about their age so some of those timid ones are most likely 13 or something.

Here's a link to a somewhat recent blog entry I made that's closely related to this stuff. It's meant to be a semi-humorous attempt to deal the very real types of stuff that I've encountered here. The Perpetual "Work in Progress"


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Sometimes I wonder that myself. I personally don't like the chat rooms because they're incredibly inane, but I've managed to strike up some conversations on the AdultFriendFinder IM system, and even when my request to chat is accepted 90% of the time I find I'm doing 90% of the conversation. I chalk it up to three things: (1) the person on the other end is trying to multi-task -- i.e. they've pulled off the highway to chat with you while they're still trying to keep going in the chat room; (2) some computers and connections (especially somebody on a dial-up) are just damn slow; and (3) what KC JJ said --some guys just don't have much to say in a one on one conversation, just like, I've found, some women. Good luck and keep at it. Remember to keep the "looking" fun or you'll drive yourself crazy.

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