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6/27/2006 5:28 pm

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Okay, I confess..... I do have a sport I love. Ultimate Fighting!!! I watch the UFC almost ritualisticaly! I'm entranced by all the forces in the universe that draw me to the screen to watch 2 men beat the crap out of eachother and get paid to do it! I Love the sport! I want to do it myself! I don't know why... well maybe it's because I've just always been a fighter. OR..Maybe it's just a good way to let out all the bottled up anger. I don't know. It's the only sport in the world that draws my attention away from reality to the point where I can't hear or see anyone around me. My husband was watching me watch it the other day. I didn't realize he was watching me until he started laughing because I jumped up screaming and hollering when my fighter won. He ws shocked because I hate all sports! I can't stand basketball or football and especially soccer...ugh! Anyways, I do hope that Kent Shamrock gets his ass beaten to the floor when he fights Tito Ortiz! I hate Shamrock with a passion. He has too much EGO and needs to retire already! He always says if he can't get your respect then he'll take it! What a load of crap! If he were to beat me up I still would have no respect for him! Anyways, this is my one and only favorite sport!

vtc17 42M

6/27/2006 6:55 pm

the UFC is great. I to hope that Shamrock gets his ass kicked. Before the season of ultimate fighter 3 I disliked Tito. But after I respect him. I do believe that Tito lost that fight to Forrest Griffen though. If I was younger mma is one sport that I would have liked to get into.

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