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5/22/2006 10:27 pm

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In silence we bury pain & lies.
In ignorance we build walls of despise.
With frozen glares we blame with our eyes,
the torment & ruin of our once single lives.
Conversation once spoken I still crave,
but silence and darkness is what you gave.
So I'm left alone with my own twisted mind
as thoughts of suicide make me blind.
You've gone on your way and left me behind
in this cold dark world, no love can I find.
My whole life I've been left alone
to deal with pain and tears as I moan.
But worse than anything that I've been through
is still being married and in love with you.
You hold on to me, forever we're tied
You won't let me go, so in darkness I hide.
You keep me clutched in your fist like a prize
not willing to free me from your hate & despise.
Forever I'm sentenced to live a life
married but alone in darkness and strife.
You keep me locked on a shelf in your room
to dust once in a while with a dirty broom.
You won't acknowledge me as a human being
who has a heart and feels every feeling.
I'm just a project you once started.
In boredom your turned from me and parted.
I'm bound by a promise and so alone.
no one to turn too, no place of my own.

pmaster71 45M

5/22/2006 11:59 pm

You have found a good outlet in writing
and easily flow out the feelings behind
the problem. Bravo!!!

Now it is time to take your creative pen
and write the accompanying poem which
contains the solution.

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