My Friend  

kissnlik 40F
295 posts
5/21/2006 4:48 pm
My Friend

I've found my long lost friend
who's kept my heart for years.
My search came to an end
along with all the tears.
I'm torn between you two
My mind drifts to and fro.
I want to be with both of you
and hope that neither would know.
It's been years since we last talked.
It's been years we have been married.
So many times alone I've walked
my heart confused, my mind warried.
So let me have you both forever
the best of two worlds, two lives
and brag or boast I'll never do
as my heart with you both thrives
Don't let this be a fantasy,
a silly dream made quietly by me.
I want this moment of lust and glee.

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