Happy Mom's DAY!!!  

kissnlik 40F
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5/14/2006 4:23 pm
Happy Mom's DAY!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

After trying to explain to my oldest daughter the reason why she can't paint the cat a new color, and trying to get her to understand that animals don't appreciate having glitter in their fur, I decided I love being a mom. I sat in the living room today and watched my son put his lounge chair into the pool and sit down while he carefully leaned forward to dunk his head and sit back up letting the water cool him off. My 2 daughters decided to join him and I was proud of them for being able to amuse themselves without the help of a television or video game. I love my kids. They woke me up this morning to hand me flowers and cards and lay on the bed with me watching cartoons for a while. My youngest daughter was talking about christmas presents. She thinks every holiday is Christmas...lol! I can only hope that every mother can have experiences like this. For all you hard working mom's out there, Have a happy mother's day! Oh yeah, If you are one of the lucky mom's who get to go out and celebrate this special day, please be kind to your waitresses, beauticians, massuer's and all the other females who had to work today. Just remember, they may be mothers too...=)

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