Where The Hell Did They Go?????  

kissablemeinmn 48F
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5/18/2005 7:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where The Hell Did They Go?????

I am missing several blog entries. I don't know where they went.

Alright - who stole 'em????

I've only been here at AdultFriendFinder for less than 3 weeks - is this normal? I mean a lot of them are missing!



mi_mwpm 51M

5/18/2005 7:45 pm

Welcome to Blogland. Your posts and all the missing comments are having a party somewhere and no one invited the rest of us. You kind of get used to it after a while -- some have taken to copying all their posts and comments they leave into spreadsheets for later reposting when necessary. Me, I just take a chance and hope I can remember the "important" comments I leave and double-check them.

poyntz4us 60M

5/18/2005 8:19 pm

I understand. I have lost two today. Got one blocked by the "blog cop". Re-submited it without any changes and it went through.

I'm so frusterated I sent an email to AdultFriendFinder managment about half an hour ago, stating a list of blog gripes. So, I'll probobly be deleted and/or dropped.

That's what happens when one person holds all power.

Good luck
Poyntz \8

expatbrit49 62M

5/19/2005 2:54 am

When you get to ten posts one dropps off for each younew one you add until you get to 20 posts then a second page appers with your missing. You should still be able to see the missing ones from the calanda. If thats not it Maybe they are lost

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

TangoFarceKetal 65M

5/19/2005 5:21 am

yes miranda AdultFriendFinder is less then perfect. i advice save copies of
what you wrote in your blogs and maybe resend when you are sure
they didnt post.

redswallow777 48M
6810 posts
5/19/2005 5:38 am

If the pic of the cat is how you are feeling we are all in big trouble...sorry you may be having trouble here in blogland. Check out expat's suggestion first.

I, for some unknown reason, have never lost a post....knock on wood....but have heard the complaint constantly from others. Keeping a copy of each entry is a good back up plan if this continues to happen for you.

LimesMastsAvoid 70M
456 posts
5/19/2005 8:51 am

Like virginity, you can never assure that it is lost forever..Your cat is as close as I am ever going to get to pussy.

Apolybear 54M

5/20/2005 3:38 pm

Happens all the time. I love the cat...

DallasPhallus56 60M

5/21/2005 5:46 am

Miranda, this is really in response to your previous post, but let me recommend you start with a book by Harville Hendrix: "Getting the Love you Want." You'll never change anyone else, but by changing yourself, other people around you tend to change. I've been through Imago therapy (his technique) with my last live-in, and when it became clear to her that I was getting stronger and less willing to put up with her garbage, she left. She couldn't change. However, I think in many situations, it can really help people see their own behavior patterns.

On the other hand, Beth was here last night, furious about something that happened at work and about something her boyfriend did. I neither did the "ain't it awful" thing with her, nor rejected her, nor insisted upon immediate sex. I just held her and listened, really listened, and reflected back to her what she was saying. I'm not a therapist, of course, but I have learned a few things. (I haven't chronicled the sexual part of the evening, and I may not. No time today.)

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