Party In Rochester - WOW!  

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7/11/2005 2:55 pm

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Party In Rochester - WOW!

Now that I have finally gotten some sleep I can write about the fantastic time I had this weekend at an AdultFriendFinder party in Rochester.

But where do I even begin? I’ve been to swingers parties before. Several times. I’ve been to AdultFriendFinder bar meets before. As a matter of fact we have a bar meet every Tuesday night. But this party was different. It was held in a hotel. I knew I would be staying over night.

I drove up with T and S and we had a good time laughing on the way up. This was T’s first AdultFriendFinder event - she has only been on for a week. It was the fist time I met her! What a sweetie!!

We got there about 5- 5:30 or so - picked up some booze for the after parties and got ready. That was about the only quiet relaxing time there was!!!!

While we were sitting around chatting we were talking about in the past when someone left parties to have sex they called it <I> “ Charging the cell phone “ </I> so we all were joking about how that is what we would say if any of us were going to go have sex in our respective rooms.

Soon after we were ready some of the others we were going to hang with started to show up. When my date finally got there (JDH) 6 of us went to eat dinner at Applebee’s. Nothing better than a good dinner in the company of fun people!

One of the guys at dinner (MM) was so much fun to watch eat. I have never before seen anyone get that enthusiastic about food before! Every cooks dream! And well, he’s easy on the eyes, funny as hell, and has a great personality.

Got back to the hotel where the party was being held in the back room of the bar. Walked in and it was just the back half of the L of the bar. I was pretty surprised that it was so out in the open. There were several round table set up and most of them had every chair taken. JDH and I stopped at the bar first to get our drinks, and well share a few kisses.

When we walked back to where the gathering was I was pretty surprised at how sedate it was. Everyone was seated and pretty much just talking to their table mates.

JDH and I sat down with the group we had dinner with. Shortly after that I saw someone I knew so I went over and said hi to her and then mingled for a bit.

The party was quite tame during the mingling. Lots of hugs and putting names with faces on. One woman asked me if I had an extra scrunchie. I did. So JDH and I went upstairs to get the scrunchie.

Well, one thing lead to another while we were grabbing that out of my room (which I had no intention of sleeping in - it was for my friends to sleep in LO we started to kiss, and touch. We ended up on the bed. The kissing and touching led to me receiving oral sex. I’m glad no one else with a key decided they needed anything from the room! I would have hated to have been interrupted. It was sooo good. A big smile is on my face right now as we speak. If I had panties on right now they would be wet with remembering how good his tongue and fingers felt on me, and in me.

A little more kissing, redoing of my lipstick, and we went back to the party. Nice thing about wearing a short dress - easy access! Before we decided to go back we made plans to sneak away again for a little bit so that I could return the favor for him. And probably to sneak away again before the party ended.

When we got back to the party and we were going to sit down again he kissed me and whispered in my ear that I tasted so sweet. Can we say - melting??

Our plan to sneak away again so I could return the favor never happened. He snuck away - with someone else. I learned that I do not ever want to go to one of these kinds of parties with a date again. There was a lot of flirting and kissing going on with both of us with other people and it didn’t bother me until it was A LOT with one person.

That person (GP) was having some fun with more than just JDH. She also continued to have fun with JDH even after she knew it was bothering me. Totally my fault for not telling JDH it bothered me - I do accept responsibility for that. But ya know it was a second date (I think? Not sure if the first one was considered a date or not) and we hadn’t made any rules or what have you. No commitment.

I just assumed that when you go someplace with a date that the date is the main person you have fun with! LOL Next time I know to be clear on that matter. When I go somewhere with a date I guess I have my own expectations. You know it’s not good to have expectations and not share them with the person you are with. I know that now and it would have alleviated a lot of my own bad feelings.

And speaking of expectations, and being open and honest lets talk a bit about the woman who did hang all over my date most of the night. She at one point had JDH drop his drawers while she measured his dick with a tape measure. She was on his lap a great deal - straddling him and making out.

She did this with other guys too. The making out - not the measuring the dick. Well maybe she did I don’t know all she did that night but she was caught in the bathroom and watched by an audience from the party. And the staff at one point had to throw her and a man out of the bathroom. His dick was in his hand when the staff member walked in.

Problem is, she has a boyfriend who was unable to attend the party as he was home with his daughter. She told people at the party that they had broken up. Problem is, she didn’t tell him that. Yes that’s right the boyfriend was at home totally unaware of what was going on. I didn’t see all she did, but I heard enough stories and saw enough for myself to be pissed at what she did to her boyfriend. I consider him a friend and my heart is hurting now because of the hurt she caused him. I wonder if I would have been so upset about her and my date if it had been another woman and not her?

This woman was someone I thought was my friend. She continued to be all over my date even after she knew it bothered me. Not that my date was not a willing participant mind you!!! He was more than willing. He had a good time. I’m glad he had a good time! I just wish more of that good time at the party had been with me and not with her. I wish we had kept our plans and left the party for more fun. Again totally my fault for not telling him I was bothered. We certainly made up for lost time after the party!

And you know, why should I have been bothered anyways? It was a swingers party. I did get kissed and kiss others. I don’t recall kissing any man more than once though. I had some drinks so it’s possible there were some that were more than once, but nothing at all like GP was doing with JDH and others.

I was jealous. Flat out I was jealous. Not a good thing to be. I had no reason to be jealous - it was a date and it's not a relationship. I totally know that. But hard to get past. I think the worst part was that at one point I was sitting at the table talking. B & C came back from going into the bathroom to watch GP and JDH in the bathroom stall . They were talking all about the two "going at it" in bathroom (I took it to mean they were saying that they were having sex) . Then B turns to me and says that she thought I was here with a hot date (as JDH and I have been talking a lot about it being a date in the Upper Midwest Chat room). I replied that it was the man GP was with in the bathroom. I believed/assumed that they were having sex in the bathroom at this time - but later found out that was not the case. JDH and GP were not having sex then or any other time, even though others were talking about it that they were. That's all it was was talk.

I don't know - I was kind of humiliated. I felt really bad. Like a complete idiot. No ones fault on that but mine. I really had no call to feel that way - but that is the way I felt.

So I left the party for about 20 minutes and went to my room and talked to T who is a friend of GP's "boyfriend".

JDH had just came talked to me a bit before leaving to go to the bathroom with GP (or as I have been thinking of her as the slut) - or tried to but I was pretty upset about watching him and GP so much that I don't think I said much to him.

This is getting to be too long so I have to cut this hear and post and continue to write more. There is so much more to write about!!

The reports in this blog post are my opinion and feelings. I have recorded what I saw and what was told to me. If there are inaccuracies I appologize and will do my best to correct facts. And make sure facts are clearly stated.


mnfun952 102M

7/12/2005 7:22 pm

Thanks for sharing your experience Miranda... I could almost imagine being there... maybe next time I should go?

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7/30/2005 9:25 am

Imagine that- someone else messing around with your "date"- not a nice feeling is it? I've seen this happen many times at these gatherings- never thought it was nice, but then... it happened to me! Yes I was pissed- still am a bit- at both of them! find your own fucking dates girls!

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