Party In Rochester - Part 2 - HOT  

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7/12/2005 11:36 am

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Party In Rochester - Part 2 - HOT

This is part two of the party report, so if you haven’t read part one yet - you may want to read the previous blog entry.

I think I got so caught up in writing about my own feelings that I didn’t really talk a whole lot about the rest of the party!

So let me say that it was so great to meet so many people that I had seen in the Upper Midwest Chat room here on AdultFriendFinder. If you don’t go into the chat rooms for your area I highly recommend giving it a try. They are usually a lot of fun. I have met some great people and made many friends.

The party was down in Rochester Minnesota, and I live up in Minneapolis. So there were a lot of people there that I hadn’t ever met at any of the other bar meets. Some from Iowa even!

Not only did I get to meet so many cool people I also got to see a lot of fun stuff!!! And I got 2 very hot kisses! Thanks to SCM and CKMA! May have only kissed you each once but wow what kisses they were! And you know how much I like kisses.

Got to see some fantastic boobs! The table with the chocolate paint was very interesting whenever I glanced over that way. I even ventured over there myself and got my ladies painted with chocolate and licked of by S and some unknown guy! Very nice job folks - thanks!

There were beads given and received by me that night. I left with only one necklace. I don’t know if that’s good or bad!

I have some of that chocolate body paint - and I have never used it. I definitely am going to have to change that!!! I can’t wait to do that again!!

I’m very voyeuristic. I love to watch!!! I have been able to on several occasions and hope to again. So I was in heaven at the party watching women flash others (doing so myself a time or two - had to show of the hot red and black bra I bought for the occasion) , watching titties get licked and sucked, even saw one dick sucked!

One man (MM is what I call him cause I never remember his name right - it’s really MF) had a tattoo of Taz in his pelvic area. He showed that. Yummmm

One man ( C) has the best ass on a man that I have ever seen in my life. An amazing ass. I got a great photo (see blog photo) of my hand on his ass. Mmmmmm Is it possible to have a crush on an ass??

It’s so hard to remember all of the fun stuff going on during the party. The people were fantastic, the conversations fun, and the atmosphere charged with electricity.

When the party first started I was worried that it was going to be dull. But it ended up that they had to close off the partition and block us from view from the rest of the bar!

People were kicked out of the bathroom for being intimate (male and female).

I do wonder what the waitress thought of the party! They seemed really nice. They made some good tips - so I’m glad about that!

I know I’m leaving out a lot of the really fun stuff that happened. I had a great time and probably a few more drinks than I needed! LOL

Maybe if more people who were there at the party read this they could post their comments on the fun time they had!

I think it was about 1:45 when we went up to my hotel room - inviting the remaining members in the bar up to the party in my room. I did, however, tell GP and the man she was currently with that they were not allowed at the party at all. That if they did come I would toss her off the balcony. This was after she and I got into a tiny bit of an argument.

Actually right before that my date and I got into a tiny bit of an argument as well - he left the bar upset and in a hurry (after giving GP his phone number and getting hers) and he was totally ready to go home.

I admit I handled the whole being jealous thing wrong. I shouldn’t have been jealous. I had no reason to be jealous!

Luckily we seemed to have worked that out - that he was not leaving!

Got up to my hotel room - where many others joined us. That was fun too. We were laughing and joking. I learned what a submarine race was (Thanks Max!). I got to see the Taz tattoo again. I got to see C’s ass sans jeans this time. Unfortunately with underwear. Nice…..

There were two women that were in the room with us who were as drunk as JDH! B and L were getting into one another and of course I enjoyed watching. I should point out that everyone I the room was fully dressed - don’t want to give the impression to anyone that there was an orgy going on - other than when I got to see Taz and C’s ass in his underwear. No “junk” was shown.

JDH had to go back to his room - and since I was a bit worried about GP I was wondering if he was coming back! LOL So he gave me his lighter (he was going to his room to get his cigarettes) to hold on to. When he came back (like he said he would) I put his lighter in my bra and told him he had to go get it himself if he wanted it! He fell on his ass when he tried to get it LMAO.

I decided it was time to go - I wanted to get lucky and I was worried about him passing out he was so drunk! So we left to “charge the cell phone” and as we were leaving I said g’nite and that I was glad I still had my fingers available to use. I know - not nice. But he was drunk!

We got down to his room and I totally expected him to fall on the bed and pass out. I know that if I were that drunk I would have. But he was having such a good time all night long - I was very glad about that.

Boy was I wrong! I couldn’t have been more wrong in worrying that it was not going to be a good night for me!

When we first got back from having dinner, before we went down to the party, JDH ran to his room to get something and then came up and met me because I had something I wanted to give him. We were alone in the room. I had a care bear I picked up for him. He was worried about something and had been for a few days. I felt bad for him and wanted to give him a hug whenever he needed one or a smile. So I saw the care bear and got it for him - telling him that if he needed a smile to look at it and know I was sending a hug. He then surprised me with a gift he bought me!

We had been talking and I was saying how I was having these great dreams that would make a good story. I wanted to always hurry up and get to the computer and start writing before I forgot the dream. But I’m not always able to so I was talking about how I was thinking of getting a voice recorder to keep by my bed to catch everything while it was still fresh. I mentioned that it would also come in handy to have it for school. Do you know what that thoughtful man had for me? Yup a voice recorder. What a honey.

When we got to the room (approximately 2:30 am) we started kissing right away. Then he asked me if I wanted a drink. He had two wine glasses chilling in the fridge and a bottle of wine! Very romantic.

Now I’m not entirely clear on what we did first or how many times we did what. But we climbed into bed within 10 minutes of getting into the room. And I still expected not a whole lot. Again, I was way wrong!

A more thorough and attentive lover could not have been found in that hotel that night. And you KNOW a lot of sex was going on!

Every touch of his hands, every lick of his tongue, every kiss was more exciting than the last. I am very into kissing and touching. Very. I was in heaven.

About 3 am, after we had had sex (but when it was so wonderful I think it’s more making love than sex - don’t you?) we were laying in bed, talking, touching, kissing….. And his phone rang! It was C, the party hostess, calling and telling him about her evening. I could hear the phone. I started kissing his chest and worked my way down. While he was talking /listening I took him in my mouth and proceeded to try and return the pleasure the had given me so thoroughly during the past half an hour. At first he was able to maintain the conversation (bravo! I’m good at what I do) but then he started to breath heavy and moan a little. C made quick to hang up!

Around 3:45 we took a breather. Had a drink of water to hydrate myself and replenish all the moisture leaving my body <grin>. JDH had a smoke break - across the room as he’s so considerate of me being a non-smoker.

Ok long again - so gonna break this here and post the rest in a bit


iawriter64 52M
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7/14/2005 10:43 am

Sounds like a great time and this gives folks a pretty good idea about what happens at an AdultFriendFinder party. I love the "charge the cell phone" thing- have the remember that!

TandJ_95 105M/105F

7/15/2005 9:03 am

hummmmmmmm, sounds fantastic!!! I think we need to make it to the next party!!!


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