Life Is Weird...Or Maybe It's Just Me  

kissable_lips36 47F
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4/9/2006 1:11 pm
Life Is Weird...Or Maybe It's Just Me

Sometimes I get caught up in things....sometimes I feel a certain way one day and the next that feeling is gone.
I can't help it...I'm female...and sometimes I get hormonal...LOL. It's a fact of life.

But all is good and things couldn't be better. I continue to enjoy my life, I continue to enjoy my daughter and living my life with her and last but not least...I continue to enjoy my lover. He's truely awesome.

So laid back, so calm, so gentle, so much damn fun...and let us not forget the sex *grin*....he's very good at it. He has such broad shoulders and what I like to lovingly refer to as a barrel ladies know what I mean...he's just so hugable and cuddly (is that a word?)....

Anyway, wonderful evening with him yesterday...he came for dinner, we watched a movie, we went to bed...and he had breakfast with us this morning....perfect way to start the day.

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