A woman's prerogative  

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3/7/2006 7:20 pm

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A woman's prerogative

I had originally created this profile to share some of my experiences since I've been on AdultFriendFinder but the more I thought about what to share, the more I realized that many of my meetings have been just sorry... and no one wants to read a bunch of stories with sorry endings. They are MY stories and even I don't want to read them! How do I find these men?? How do they find me? I will either be seen as an insatiable woman with issues or a scorned, male-bashing heffa' and I'm neither. Ok, I confess ... I've got a few issues but so does everyone else. If you have reached the age of maturity and you think you are absolutely issue-free, you are kidding yourself! You might have a good handle on your issues where they are not adversely affecting your life or you might not realize you have issues .. and that is an issue in and of itself!

Anyway, I've exercised my prerogative and changed my mind about posting all my adventures here. I'd still like to tell a story or two but I need to balance out the good with the bad. That said, I need some good experiences! Anyone out there want to star in my next blog?

While I await my next adventure ... there is this one guy I've kinda had my eye on. We met on here and already had our sanity check (that's what I call meeting face to face just to make sure there is some attraction/chemistry). I am a little intimidated by him though because I know he is one of those "in demand" brothas. He probably has women coming out of the woodwork after him. What makes it worse is that, not only is he attractive, but he is intelligent and seems to have a great personality. If he was just fine and his personality sucked, I would feel more comfortable stepping to him because I could just concentrate on the physical, but I think I would like him to be around as someone to talk to and maybe hang out with. I think, if we have sex, that will be it. I am just speculating here. I don't even know if he is attracted to me that way. He didn't drool and act hungry when we was around me like alot of guys do. I didn't catch him looking at my ass either. Doest that mean he isn't interested or he's just slick and I never caught him? I know he approved though because he made a comment about it when we parted. Anyway, I know I've been thinking about his sexy ass. I guess I will just hang back and see what happens.

C'mon AdultFriendFinder ... I'm overdue some kind of positive experience here! Let's make it happen!

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3/23/2006 1:00 pm

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