Kirin&John together with Nancy & Kim in Wonderlust  

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8/15/2005 12:04 pm

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Kirin&John together with Nancy & Kim in Wonderlust

“You go girl, yeah; he’s a sex addict alright!” said Nancy, with wide eyed curiosity, and laughing, as she looked over at Kirin gleaming now. John was famished with lustier magical cravings. His manly instincts had taken full control of him; body, mind and spirit. “Come, young lady”, said John. Oh yeah, she knew how much he wanted to take her, and make her crave the ultimate desire; the wonder which gives us all the power to be in control of our sensualities. The two girls together slightly pushed Kim back into John’s tight, muscular body. It felt so good, and inviting to her. She had waited so long for someone with pure blooded male ecstasy magical forces. She thought for a moment, her hand making it’s way down to his hard shaft; “John, have you ever been sucked by more than one woman before?” said Kim. Nancy and Kirin just opened up their lips and licked them, in yummy anticipation. “Kim, you naughty girl!” Said Kirin, as she winked, just for the hell of it. Nancy and Kirin both started making their own way to get at John’s manhood, as it leaped out of his jeans; Kim went down with darting tongue and smooth, moist lips. “Ah, Kim, babe; you are the best. Lick it that way, yeah you know just how to make me want you, more, babe…” Kim was enjoying the thrill of his massiveness sliding barely across her teeth and then back up the shaft and sucking, pulling until the tip popped right out of her mouth. “Hey, I want a taste too, sweet thing!”, said Kirin; as she pulled Kim straight to her own mouth and flickered her tongue entwining with Kim’s. This was such a surprise, but neither ladies could stop from entering into this vast sexual pleasure trip. “Mm, you do taste good too!” said Kim to Kirin, as they both went down on John’s magical wand, which was in his hand, stroking it up and down. Hard and ready he stood there with three women, all wanting him, wanting to pleasure him, and wanting to pleasure each other. The thrill was fantastic and the magnitude of orgasmic flesh was in the air. The aroma of wet, wild, passionate sex, gratifying and alluring, was filling Kirin’s apartment. And she wanted more.

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YOU are hot........

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Wonderlust Continues: John was really enjoying having three women taking turns trying to swallow his erection. He admitted to himself that the game he had had in mind to get things going was not needed what with the way these three hot lovlies were going at him and each other.
He looked down to see Nancy engorging on him as Kim and Kirin were
each sucking on one of her huge breasts.
Mischievously Kirin also was creeping fingers closer and closer to
Kim's crotch. John felt ready to explode and tried to warn Nancy it was coming but it happened to fast. She took as much as she could into her mouth. Then shared it with the other two.
"Okay give me a second and I'll be ready to rock and roll some more!"
John got out.
The women seemed more involved with each other at the moment as
clothes went flying and fingers lips and tongues were actively
exploring. Laughing to himself John watched the three women unloading their own juices then as they all lay panting he mounted Kim entered her and began going at it with intense desire and ferocious heat.
She moaned in ecstatic pleasure as his rod penetrated her even as
Kirin was licking at both her hot organ and Johns.
Nancy got behind Kirin and started kissing and licking her ass.
Kirin squealed in delight as Nancy's tongue went into her brown eye.
John's load inside of Kim was as thick and hot as his earlier load
into Nancy's mouth or his earlier loads inside Kirin.
Now everyone lay panting and in need of rest.
Kirin decided now would be propitious to break out the various
drinks and herbs she had.

Then more action!

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