For the Ladies...Profiles, Posts, and Pics  

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7/27/2005 7:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

For the Ladies...Profiles, Posts, and Pics

I ranted on the men, now it's time for one for the ladies.

Let me start off by saying that I am not normally a negative person. Now I have only been on AdultFriendFinder for a little while, but after viewing some of the blogs, posts and profiles (that I can get into that is), I do have a few things to say to some of the female members.

First, to the ones who sign up for this site, and are "Just looking around" or already have a b/f or g/f and are happy with their lives; read the logo for this site. The caption of it states up front The Worlds Largest Sex & Swinger Personals site. This should be a strong hint about what this site is about. So, if you're happy with your sexlife, your signifigant other, or whatever, and have no intentions of "hooking-up", then DON'T GET PISSED IF SOMEONE ON THIS SITE ASKS YOU ABOUT OR FOR SEX!!!! After all, that's what this is all about. Of course, please correct me if I am wrong.

Now for the next part. I see time and time again in posts from woman complaining about the men's pics of their dicks. Now that doesn't bother me too much, however, you ladies should expect it considering the type of site this is. But what really cracks me up and makes me laugh is some of the same women that are complaining about the men's pics are showing off their tits, ass, or kitties in their pics. Just makes me laugh is all.

Well, that about covers it for now. And ladies.. Please don't hate, that's just how I see it.

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