I need more friends.. with benefits =)  

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2/19/2005 8:27 am

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I need more friends.. with benefits =)

So I went out last night.. got a lil toasted. I was hanging out with my girlfriend who is a stripper.. and god, she turns me on SO much! We ran into a few more friends at the bar.. one of who is also extremely hot, and married. My stripper friend, Becca, and I were so horny and hot last night. I really dont know why.. not like I really a reason, right?

Well, this other girl looks at me and says.. if my brother and sister werent visiting tonight, I would take you home with us. (meaning her and her husband) DAMN! I've been there with him. He has a huge cock and a stern voice that just drenches me in seconds! And she is SO fine. Only response I could give at the time (because I know we cant hook up last night) is to pull her nipple out of her shirt and suck on it. She was almost falling on the floor and I just wanted to fuck her SO badly!

So today.. once again.. I'm horny as hell! I have the toy going.. I sure wish about 20 of you were here right now.. we'd have an amazing day!

I need more friends with benefits.. because the benefits they would have today are unbelievable. Let me tell you some of them:

1) A bj that would only end when they made me stop!

2) A completely submissive lil slut that would have NO limits whatsoever.

3) I would do anyone and anything they wanted and all they would have to do is control me with the sound of their voice, the sting of their hand spanking or slapping me, or their fingers pulling my hair.

4) I would do them anywhere. ANYWHERE. And even allow it to be recorded.

5) They would make lots of friends or even make their jobs a lil more sure by using me to please their friends/and or bosses.

ANYTHING GOES!! I need cock. I need it now. And dont worry couples.. I would make your woman cum all over my face so many times today.. while you fucked the hell out of me or her mouth!

So.. thats the mood I'm in. Nothing surprising eh?

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