Just Starting.....  

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1/9/2006 10:39 am

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3/26/2006 6:12 am

Just Starting.....

As I mentioned in my description, although I've been fantasizing about this for years, I've just recently discovered that it turns my husband on, too. I've mentioned it in passing a few times over the years, but it never went any further than that.

So recently, we sat in front of the computer - both in comfortable chairs - and watched tons of quick video clips of piss, squirting.......women together.....men on women...women on men.....and let me tell you, it made me so fucking wet! We had made a sort of "deal"....no touching each other. Just masturbation!

We started out both dressed......after just a few clips, I could see his cock growing inside his jeans......and my pussy had that tingly feeling - you know, where you just HAVE to fuck something????

We kept watching. I would ask him questions about different clips, wanting to know what turned him on.....if he liked seeing certain things......As I said, his cock was hard inside his jeans and every once in awhile, I could see out of the corner of my eye that he would sort of grab it and put some pressure on it. And that's something that turns me on always.....seeing him touch himself.

Finally, I asked him..."Are you hard"? He told me that his dick was so unbelievably hard and I told him to let it out and go ahead and stroke it.......

Still remaining dressed, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard cock....I unzipped my jeans and slid them down just far enough to get my dildo inside....and we continued watching.

When I fuck myself, I dribble here and there......squirts of piss.....and I LOVE the way it feels when I still have my jeans on.....not to mention the way that it makes my jeans look. Since he was sitting directly in front of me, he could see the wet piss spot on my jeans......which turned him on.

I was getting just about to the edge....so I pulled my jeans the rest of the way off and contined to fuck myself as he sat right in front of me - in a lower chair - stroking that beautiful cock of his.....and then it happened.

I let myself go......bringing myself to complete orgasm and releasing my piss all over! I squirted all over his cock....his balls....and he kept stroking until I was done......then he turned me around and gave me the best fuck ever!

So.....that was our "discovery" night....and I'm sooo thankful that it turns him on, too. I can't wait for the day that he tells me to spread my pussy lips and aims his golden stream right into my cunt....I can only imagine the vibration on my clit! I want him to bend me over on my knees and spread my ass cheeks apart and piss right into my hole.....

I also really fantasize about me and another woman pissing together......the thoughts of her standing over the top of me and releasing her piss into my pussy.....

I think I have to pee now......

ShyGuy90903 38M
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1/9/2006 11:57 am

Very interestsing. I've often thought about this too, but it has never come to reality. Not really sure how to bring it up either.

rm_dragonheat23 51M
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3/23/2006 12:17 pm

You have been tagged. For the titillating details see my blog post Tagged
By the way... I'm waiting for details of your further exploits...

Eden_tas 43M

9/6/2006 1:49 am

wow that is soo sexy, waht a fun night for you two!! have you ever pissed in your jeans in public?

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