kinky_man7632 37M
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1/9/2006 7:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I am beginning to wonder if anyone on this site is real. I have tried contacting a few woman on here but I havent heard anything back. I know I dont have a 10' cock, or have rock hard abs. I am not a model or anything perfect. So I am beginnning to wonder if this is what all woman want or if they want a honest open minded man who will woriship the ground you walk on. So I guess I will need some convensing on this site. I will give it a few more weeks and see what happens here. If anyone has any ideas please pass it along.

rm_goddess_693 49F
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1/9/2006 8:19 pm

Hello kinky man 7632,
Don't know about all women on here, but i am real and looking for an open minded man check out my profile and if interested please get back with me. I'm only a standard member so you will have to contact me.
Thanks don't give up yet,

kellys011 56M/54F

1/9/2006 8:24 pm

Patience Patience! Make sure you have a good profile and leave out the cock pics. Being genuine and straight forward is a good start!
Good luck.

kinky_man7632 37M

1/9/2006 9:54 pm

Yeah I didnt mean to put those in my main profile. I ment to put those in the Album list for the people in my network. So I have fixed that now and added a face pic. Anyway thanks for the advice and I hope to have good luck with this site.

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