It could happen to you...  

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7/24/2005 3:51 am

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It could happen to you...

I`m an average-looking girl, not really pretty but no too bad-looking for fellows not to get a little horny for, especially over some really nice tits. I really am into a pretty heavy sex scene, and this is with everyone`s approval and mine, of course, and the fellows I fuck also, of course.

I`ve had many ecstatic sexual acts but there are certain sessions that I just couldn`t brush off. Here`s one.

It all started when I was having problems with my studies. I would spend many nights at the library getting help. As I said I`m an ordinary-looking but am picky about the guys I hang around with. One night at the library, a guy I have noticed in my few nights at the library was sitting by himself. I wanted to get to know this guy. He looked like a real lady catcher. He`s not so tall but a bit muscular and is very handsome. He`s only 18.

Well, I went over and started up a conversation to get to know him better. We sure had a lot in common especially when it comes to music. And I have come to know his name, John, an AB-IS student. Well, we cut the talk, and I suggested we do our homework. He seemed to have more problems with his studies than I did. So I got up and showed him how to do this one problem not even knowing I was rubbing my leg against his elbow, and he seemed to be pushing his elbow into my upper leg, and I was getting nervous and very turned on. It was getting late, and the library was closing. I thought we would be going over separate ways when he asked if I wanted to go over his house to check his huge CD collection, and I was surely one to accept one.

By the time we got to Camella Homes, where he had a unit, I found out that he lived alone. He offered me a drink and we had downed four bottles of beer in no time flat and smoked a couple of bowls of hash. Man, was I seeing colors. I had never smoked hash before and wasn`t going to turn them down since his compilation of CDs gave the best music background. So I got totally stoned. As I was really getting to be a riot, John thought he had better take me home. Once I got out of the door, I couldn`t even walk. So John put his arm around me and led me back to his house, to his room.

When we got to his room he put me to his bed. As I was lying on his bed, relaxing, he went to have a shower. When he came out from the bathroom, I had calmed down a bit from the short rest. Then I saw him half naked, only had a towel around his waist. He looked so gorgeous especially his body was still wet from the bath. I stood up, still dizzy, wanted to ask if I could go home because I felt at that time my body was burning with desire. I turned around and looked at him; his cute eyes were just staring at me. I stumbled toward him and almost fell over a chair when he caught me. I looked at his mouth and wanted to kiss him so bad. He seemed to have read my thoughts or rather my action. He then planted a long kiss on my lips. So I got brave and did my share. Not one to pass up an invitation, I repaid him with a passionate kiss, sliding my tongue deep into his mouth. For a couple of minutes, we sucked each other`s tongue, kissing with tongues. I pulled against him hard and just dug into his muscles. We fell on the bed and my clothes started coming off.

He lay on his back, and I started trailing kisses on his body. I kissed the side of his neck to the crater hollow down his throat. I planted kisses on his chest. Then I started licking and sucking his small hairy nipples. This time I heard him moan. Then I went further down to his stomach. Then moved down to his navel, and reamed it with my tongue. I can`t wait to have his big willy into my mouth. So I moved down. Then I ran my tongue around his hairy balls and the taste was so good. I practically bit his balls a bit. I reached for his cock and tenderly surrounded the bulging shaft with my swirling tongue. I put his dick down, down, down into my throat, and I started to suck. He pushed my head closer and closer. I must have been doing a good job because John was moaning up a storm. I stopped sucking for a while and started licking his dickhead. This time not only moan could be heard from John but also curses. He was cursing for the pleasure that brought to him. He started to jerk off his body. He sensed that I don`t want to be left out, so he cupped my boobs and then began to play with my tits. He pinched my nipples that made my body shiver. Then I sucked him faster and faster. Within a minute, he released his cum out of his throbbing cock. I swallowed his seemingly endless stream with unquenchable thirst. Then I got to lick his prick clean.

Hardly catching my breath I laid on my back. He then stood up and went on top of me. He started kissing my lips that still had some of his cum. Maybe, he too, wanted to taste it. When he got enough of it, he moved to my tits. He started to lick and suck it. It felt so good, always. I arched my back and breathlessly moaned, c`mon fuck me. Fuck me real good.Upon hearing this, his face moved down to my pussy. His tongue soon found my clit, and he really went after it. He started out slowly and moved his tongue faster and faster in sideways motions. I am so wet and flaming. He lapped up every drop of my tasty substance before thrusting his sweet tongue deep into my pulsating crater. I moaned in ecstasy almost screaming, and had increasingly intense multiple orgasms. I let out such a scream that I thought the house would fall apart. I said, “Deeper John, fuck me harder. Please fuck me.He plunged his tongue deeply. Then he stuck his two fingers into my hot snatch. I never felt such pleasurable pain as he was shoving his fingers in and out. I moaned too loud as soon as I had my enormous climax. Wow! John really did a great job in bringing me into multiple climaxes.

I thought that was the end of it. I was wrong. Because John was so turned on and got horny by the scene he just seen from me. He lifted both my legs and set it apart. John`s stiff cock landed right between my thighs, rubbing against the bottom of my cunt lips. I sort of grunted from having the air knocked out of me. But my hand was already down there, and I just lifted his prick quick and it rammed right into me all the way. And we were fucking like crazy before we knew it.

Neither one of us wanted to quit for sure. So we changed our fucking position. I pulled out his dick out my snatch. I began playing with his cock, really jacking him hard. When he is real hard, I moved into a doggie style position. He slowly slid his swollen schwanz into my slippery schmoo. With his cock plunging unrelentingly, I was rocking in frenzy. He dug into me deep. Then he pushed hard, harder, and then faster and faster. I stiffened, my head thrust back. The room was so noisy of moaning and shouting. Shouted words that can`t be understood unless you`re having sex.

I quickly changed the position and laid John on his back. Then I went on top of him. As I was sitting on top of him, I stuck his cock in my sloppy, really streaming hot cunt. I started pumping, counting one-two-one-two. The slow rhythm began to go in a faster pace. I pumped faster and faster that John grabbed my head and kissed my lips hard. As we near our release, I pulled my head back, and I cried out loudly as we both erupted in a mutual explosion. We came together amidst the barrage of ecstatic moans and squeals.

Still on top of him, I rested my head on his chest. We were breathing so hard and I could feel his heartbeats.

I`d never had quite like this before. You really are a wonderful sexpot," John said. Better than a sex machine," mused.

With exhaustion we fell asleep. In the morning, I woke up earlier than John. I immediately got dressed, and kissed John on his forehead. I left his house without even telling my real name and my number.

That was one hell of a study session!!!

TheDodger8 45M

7/24/2005 5:57 am

Note to self...spend more time at the library.

alos232 35M

7/30/2005 11:19 pm

That never happens to me at the library wow what a cool story. I will have to check out some libraries down there when I go to Thailand. P.S. You are hot

kgb_101 51M
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8/14/2005 7:18 pm

This is such bullshit..."He slowly slid his swollen schwanz into my slippery schmoo." Yeah right. I lived in Cambodia for years and there isn't a single Khmer girl (or Viet either) who speaks this kind of Western slang. Rikki, you're a WHITE MAN and I'm not fooled!

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8/20/2005 11:24 pm

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10/31/2005 7:16 pm

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