the sex games have begun!  

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11/30/2005 12:37 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the sex games have begun!

as you lot can gather me and dean have paired up as two horny players and are going out and meeting people off the net for sex! Me and dean started off as fuck buddies but we seem to like each other a lil bit more than just the odd occasional fuck so we paired up and we are seeing how things go!
we had our first threesome lined up! dean organised this one! it was during the day and we all arranged to meet at deans! Me and dean met up an hour early so we could have a good shag and play before the guy came round.
Dean specifically told me that when the guy rings the doorbell i had to go and answer it in my sexy underwear, lead him into the lounge, drop to my knees and suck his cock, and then after awile lead him up to the bedroom because if i didnt do it dean wouldnt allow me to have my threesome.
So there i did as he said and the guy was nervous! I could tell! i lead him up the stairs into the bedroom and we got down to it! I had two men lying on the bed and which one to go for mmmmm???
the other guy was nervous and dean watched as i sucked his cock and feeling myself and then i eventually sat on his hard throbbing cock and rode him till he came!
but that was litrally it! the guy came in seconds! i couldnt beleive it, it wasnt the best threesome to start off with!

A few days and a week later i went round to deans for abit of fun and we were hoping to find someone to meet in a sleazy car park so we got online! We had been chatting to a guy (not a member of AdultFriendFinder) and we arranged to meet at a car park but we had strong feelings he wasnt going to turn up! so i looked on my messenger and remembered i added a guy from AdultFriendFinder awhile ago so i said hi on IM and casually asked him if he was free and up for some fun! and he said sure why not! Its also a good job that he runs a hotel and could get us a room!
So we arranged to meet him at a car park and as he pulled up i got out to meet him and all i could think about was gettin him naked on the bed and riding his hard cock!
So we followed him to his hotel, went to the bar for a drink, we talked then we went up to the room!
Dean sat himself down and made himself comfortable and told me to get on with it so i started to undo the guys belt and trousers, pulled them down and began rubbing his cock. I teased and teased it with my tongue and then eventually sucked it nice and hard.
I told him to take his clothes off and get onto the bed while stripping my clothes off i jumped on after him i got between his legs facing him and i spread his legs wide open with my knees mmmmmmmmm i love it when a guy has got his legs open! his balls showing i licked up the shaft of his cock and sucked him till he was hard! ................... you can guess the rest! Im not going to type about it because i didnt enjoy it! the guy was nervous! and he spoilt it by askin dean if it was alright if he could lick my pussy! But i loved the fact that dean just sat there ad watched it all!
The guy left us and said we could use the room for abit so dean came over to me taking his clothes off bending me over and fucking me from behind he then pulled his cock out pushed me to the bed and grabbed my hair and he came in my face mmmmmm i really felt like a dirty slut and that i deserved that as a punishment!

tuesday came and dean had found me a black guy the night previous and we had all arranged to meet at deans at lunch time! I had a heck of a job getting to deans because of the traffic and by the time i got there there he was! sat on his sofa both guys waiting for me to fuck me senseless! i walked in through the door my heart pounding with little images in my mind of this guys cock in my mouth! mmmmmmm
we sat and chatted for abit mainly about AdultFriendFinder and what bad experiences we have had and we have all had em! seems to be the main topic when you meet someone off this site!
Dean turned to me and said "off you go then" so off we went! i lead the guy upstairs and we got into the bedroom and placed ourseves on the bed and started touching each other as we were talking! The guy then stood up and pulled his trousers down and i sucked his nice black cock till it got hard!
we got into the full swing of it when dean walked into the room and got his camera out and started taking pics! mmmmm it felt so horny when dean was stood there watching all of it!
The next thing i knew i had was being fucked from behind whilst sucking the guy off! my body was being ambushed by cock! (lol) mmmmmmmmmm
But i must say that was the better threesome out of the three we had experienced!

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