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12/22/2005 10:55 pm

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I've started leaving stray posts on stray blogs, and I've noticed a few people replying to me as 'kim.' I know not everyone can be expected to type out a full member handle - 'kimochiE' would be five characters too many. I also don't expect everyone to 'get' the member handle I chose. After all, I chose a member handle that would be sexy to a Japanese because that's whose eye I wanted to catch the most. To anyone else, I realize it's gibberish.

But do I look Korean or something? Maybe it's the long hair, the pink shirt, the androgynous pose, the hand hiding my adam's apple, or maybe the icon is simply too small to notice my five o'clock shadow? In my eyes, the only true beauty is feminine, and my rock star nature doesn't mind appearing a little androgynous, but if people really are mistaking my sex, I'm one ugly woman....

This reminds me of when I saw George Clooney's Good Night and Good Luck at the local art house theater. It's the kind of movie that appeals to an older audience, so when an elderly man walked into the mens room as I was relieving myself, he quickly panicked and apologized profusely for walking into the ladies room. Sure, I have long hair, but did that really supersede my week-old beard or the fact that I was standing in front of a urinal with my cock in my hand?

The employees standing behind the concession stand really enjoyed that. "It's the long hair!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

kimochiE 33M

12/23/2005 2:16 pm

Mmmm... kimchee.

Oh, yeah. I've been called 'ma'am' by mistake plenty of times. In this day and age, is it still so unusual for a man to wear his hair long or a woman to wear her hair short? I suppose it is....

So you'd like me to blog steamy details from sexual experiences and fantasies? I'll make a note of it

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12/23/2005 8:13 pm

Just dropping by to say hi Really have no comment for this entry

kimochiE 33M

12/23/2005 8:47 pm


Don't worry, I'm planning to cut my hair short again soon

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