Political ~ North Korea  

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7/7/2006 8:51 pm

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Political ~ North Korea

What I am about to say, I mean no offense to anyone by it. I'm NOT one for expressing my political veiws, but it is my right to express my opinion as an American and damn it, I'm going to do so.

What the hell is up with North Korea!?! I mean, did they NOT learn their freaking lesson? They have seen America attack and successfully achieve our goals with Japan, Germany, Russia, Iraq and especially Korea. Someone said they are more organized than Iraq, well hell, they've had fucking 60 years to prepare for something!! I sure hope they are organized! I just do not understand what the hell those dogs are thinking in their no good for nothing brains.

This has got to be the most ignorant attempt yet! How in the hell do they think they can just get away with launching 7 missiles and say its for testing only my fucking white ass! You don't launch a fucking missile towards the US of A and expect to get away with it. Ha. I love my country. And I know Canada and Mexico will stand with us on this one.

Think about it. If they send some nuclear missile towards the US and it hits, lets say, 100 miles outside California it wont just affect the US. It will pollute the seas for thousand of miles and there will be nuclear fall out and radiation floating through the air in all directions. It will get Mexico, US, Canada and possibly even Russia, hell even Hawaii! You never know with that junk. I'm not a scientist, but damn, our history with nuclear weapons and fall out/radiation is no secret. We know what kind of damage it can do to our culture and way of living.

Think about this even further. When the WTC's got hit, it was a big blow to our economy. If California had something like a missile hitting them, we'd have no means for transporting goods from Japan or China. Then what? God forbid we not get our cheap non-American made products! The very computer you are using, your TV, your CAR, your sheets, your tooth brush...imagine never seeing a new one again? Could that set us back to a third world country? Who the hell knows! Us Americans have gotten lazy and cheap. Do you think you could get up in the morning and work in a factory with no benefits and shitty wages for 12 hours a day just to make the things we get so cheap from other countries?

I have to give Japan some major props for standing up for what is right. They have denied food aid to NK and possibly will stop or limit agricultural and fisheries trade. I say GO FOR IT Japan!

I say nuke em, nuke all of em. LMAO. Now, now. I know I must think reasonably here. If we nuked NK, then everyone all around us would try to as well. Then we would all cease to exist. I whole planet would be a nuclear waste.

What is your stand on this? All opinions and thoughts are welcome! Again, I have no thoughts of offending anyone that might read this,but I am so damn pissed right now. My grandfather fought in the Korean war and I'm damn proud of that. Don't let the death of our soldiers who died during the Korean war be in vein. We need to nip this problem in the ass before it gets out of hand.

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LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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7/7/2006 9:47 pm

kaira .. Hiya

count me as one Canuck ....with ya ALL the Wayyyyyy!!! .. .and my govt & most of my countrymen are also.

oh, you said nothing here other than simple obvious facts ...... you owe apology to no one!!!

I havnt put the Korea thingy in my world news or terrorism posts yet ... but i will. They are accessable from links on my blog heading always in fact. ... so many things that it is hard to keep up latesly , ....but several guests & I have have refered to it in comments.

The little shit will get his one o these days .. maybe sooner than later.

Good Post!!!
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SirMounts 102M

8/19/2006 10:43 am

Yes, North Korea and Iran are growing dangers to all of the civilized world.
a very good post, on your very good blog, kiaraslade. *smiling*

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