Why Do We Do It?  

keystonenc 42M
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8/25/2005 3:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why Do We Do It?

So, why do we do it? Aside form the obvious physical gratification of having an orgasm what about sex do we enjoy the most? Are we all just in search of the next mind-blowing orgasm? Is it just the obvious or is it more to it than that? I like to think it is more than just getting off and having an orgasm for most people.

I know one lover I had seemed to get off on the idea of sleeping with different guys. I honestly don’t believe she was capable of having a platonic relationship with guys who were not co-workers. She really enjoyed experiencing other men.

For me I think the one thing I really enjoy about sex is that it is humanity at its basest level. It is just me and her naked reveling in all of our glory getting down and dirty. Nothing to hide behind, no hats to cover up our bald spot (no I don’t have a bald spot), no baggy clothing to conceal any extra baggage, no bras, or underwear of any kind; all of our blemishes and imperfections out in the open for each other to see. All bets are off no more lies to conceal anything from each other. Me sizing up her breasts and checking out to see if she shaves or not; her sneaking a peek to see if I lied about how big my penis is (hopefully she is not disappointed ).

It just feels so liberating being naked in front of a woman and having her want to be naked with me. I can remember the apprehension and anxiety I felt the first time I got naked in front of a woman. But, I also remember how quickly I forgot about being naked and how liberating and exhilarating it being naked. Being with a woman is such a liberating, exhilarating, emotional rush for me. It is almost an exhibitionist/voyeuristic rush for me. I love the aspect of revealing my body to her and letting her pleasure me as well as the aspect of getting to explore and pleasure hers.

I am a giving type of a person so I take pleasure in pleasing a woman. To me there are not many things better in life than going down on a woman and having her clamp her thighs around your head as she goes over the edge in ecstasy. I figure if I am getting off then she should get off as well and it makes me feel good to know that she is deriving some level of pleasure from being with me. In a nutshell I love everything that leads up to intercourse. I almost find foreplay as pleasurable and exciting as intercourse itself.

Lastly, it is the afterglow that I love about sex. Afterwards, I can just lay there with my lover in my arms and just bask in the glow of our passionate fornication. I literally feel on top of the world for two or three days afterwards. It puts an extra giddy up in my step.

So, why do you do it? What is it about sex that you enjoy the most making you want to come back for more?

rm_wilcofan65 51M

8/25/2005 6:16 pm

A most enlightened and positive veiw point you have..... keystone. I just wish I had that approach even ten years ago!!! Oh well I'll go go out with a smile and be the best I can be....warts and all!!

keystonenc 42M
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8/25/2005 7:01 pm

Thanks wilcofan65, I do the best that I can with what I have. I figure we are both there for the same reason so have it and make sure everyone has fun and gets what they need.

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