Who Knew Ironing Could be so Much Fun??  

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5/21/2006 8:41 pm
Who Knew Ironing Could be so Much Fun??

This particular tryst happened with my African American lover I had a few years back. It all started when my lover decided she wanted to take me out clothes shopping. I know, I know not exactly the manliest activity in the world, but I figured what the hell, I humor her, stay in her good graces, maybe I get me some sometime soon. The pussy was pretty damn good so the sacrifices for her were well worth it, and besides I truly did enjoy just spending time with her and technically speaking she was a ‘friend with benefits’.

Now, the plan was that her, her son, and one of her friends (who was visiting from out of town) were going to pick me up and we were going to meet a mutual friend at the mall.

Anyway, I spend that Saturday just tooling around the apartment removing some of the crust and making the place look good for when she stopped by to pick me up, which, is something I always did when I knew she was coming by. Besides that I didn’t want to make a bad impression on her friend. So, she eventually comes by around 6:00 or so and I notice her friend is not with her. I just assume that she was waiting in the car with my lover’s son. This is where the story takes quirky little twist.

She takes one look at the jeans I am wearing and tells me that they look like they just came out of the dryer and need to be ironed and she proceeds to plug in the iron and tells me take off my pants. She is dead serious about ironing my jeans before we go to the mall together, and to be honest they did look a little like I had slept in them. I ask about her friend thinking it would be rude to just leave her down there while we are messing around with my jeans. Turns out her friend could not make after all and she got her brother to watch her son.

Now, of course, I being the horny fellow that I am the perverted wheels in my mind start kicking into action and I start getting a little bulge in my underwear as certain scenarios play out in my mind. She, being the sexual beast that she is, takes notice to this and grabs my package with an evil grin on her face and then turns her attention to ironing my jeans. I sit down on the counter next to the ironing board and am now facing her and she is doing her best to ignore me. She is wearing this cranberry colored top that shows a decent amount of her ample cleavage and a pair of jeans that show off her sexy booty and thick, sexy thighs. As far as I know we are still meeting our friend at the mall so I am debating whether to make a move on her now, as since she is without friend and child I am reasonably certain I will be getting some action later on that night. Do I make my move now or later? Will she give me some now and later or not at all?

Well, I decide what the hell and go with the moment. As she is finishing up I ease myself down off the counter and slink up behind her. I put my hands on her shoulders and lean forward and whisper into her ear that I think her jeans look like they need an ironing as well. She gives the response I was looking for. She plays along and mockingly agrees that they need to be ironed and slowly wriggles her way out of her jeans still flashing that impish little grin she flashes when she is having naughty thoughts. She is wearing these sexy little string bikini panties with a floral print on them. I notice her nipples are starting to become slightly erect. She asks if I am going to iron them or should she. I go along and pick up the iron and start ironing her jeans for her.

She sidles up to me and compliments me on the job I am doing and reaches under the iron board and starts to massage the bulge in my underwear. She tells me that the jeans look good but now wonders if her top needs ironing. I concur that it most certainly does and she removes it for me. She has on this lacy bra that is barely covering up her size 38F tits. I am about to explode in my pants at this point. She takes the iron from me and proceeds to iron her top. I reach under the ironing board and stick my hand down the front of her panties and her pussy is just oozing at this point and her nipples are standing at attention. They are almost as erect as my cock is at this point. I start rubbing her pussy and she puts the iron down and turns around. I put my hands on her hips and tug at the elastic of her panties and in an instant they are down around her ankles and she is stepping out of them.

She proceeds to tell me how good it feels to get out of those panties and that her pussy had been wet since getting here due to thinking about me on the way over. She leans back against the ironing board and spreads her legs apart just enough for me to get my tongue in there. Her pussy and inner thighs are wet and sticky from her love juices and it tastes good on the tip of my tongue. She grabs a handful of my hair as I delve deeper between her thighs. Before long she is moaning and coming and telling me how good her pussy feels. I stand up and she has a rather content look on her face.

She unhooks her bra and tells me to get into the bedroom and get undressed. She follows me into the bedroom and tells me how much she wants to fuck right now and how this is going to be the best pussy I have ever gotten from her. My dick has never been harder than it was right then. Something about her talking dirty like that to me really got me going. She tells me to lie on my back as she wants to grind on my dick.

I do as I am told and she climbs on top of me, inserts my dick in her pussy, and just starts grinding her hips against mine. I am in seventh heaven now as I look up and see her big breasts swaying to the rhythm of our love march. She keeps talking dirty to me telling me how much she loves having my dick inside of her pussy and how much she loves fucking me. Before long I explode with a massive orgasm and she collapses on me pushing her chest against mine and looking into my eyes.

“Didn’t I tell you that would be the best fuck we ever had together,” she whispers in my ear before kissing me.

And, it was until later that evening after we got back from the mall, but that is a story for another day.

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