She Should Cum Too  

keystonenc 42M
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8/16/2006 6:38 pm
She Should Cum Too

Can a woman be fulfilled from sex without having an orgasm? I read this in the advice line it was said to be common belief that women don’t really care if they orgasm from sex and are just happy having sex in general, this was coming from a man now mind you. I even had a lover tell me that I needn’t worry about making her cum, but I never truly believed her though and always made sure she had an orgasm before she went home. I think she was just being nice so I didn’t feel any pressure.

I find it truly hard to believe that women don’t care if they orgasm or not. My guess is that the only ones who say that and truly mean it have probably never had a real orgasm before. I know I got a bit agitated when a woman got me hard and left me hanging, so-to-speak.

Seriously guys just think about it for a second. Don’t you get pissy when a woman gets you charged up and then doesn’t do the courtesy of getting you off? Don’t you feel like you wasted your time and wonder why you bothered engaging in the activity to begin with? Now, don’t you think a woman has some of the same feelings about this as we do?

It amazes me that some guys out there think women don’t really care about getting off just as long as the guy pays attention to them and sticks his penis in her for a few minutes then she is happy. Making babies aside, good, quality, sex is about getting each other off isn’t it? If we didn’t experience the feeling of orgasm when we have sex would we really want to keep doing it? There is truly nothing else like the release, relaxation, and sense of satisfaction after experiencing a good orgasm from sex with a woman. Guys if we feel that way about orgasms don’t you think a woman does as well?

If I were a woman I’d be rather pissed if I went through the trouble of making myself look sexy for a man and took my clothes off for him and let him have intercourse with me and didn’t have the favor returned. I don’t know that I would be inclined to spend very much more time being intimate with that man. It is not too much to expect a guy to uphold his end of the transaction here.

Think about guys why would a woman want to keep coming back for sex with you if you cannot, or are not willing to, finish her off? Common sense dictates that you need to finish the deal if you want her to keep coming back for more. I honestly don’t understand where the idea that women don’t want to get off as much as men do came from. I have found that women are much more sexually aware than a lot of men give them credit for.

I have always made it my own personal policy that any time I am with a woman she will experience an orgasm one way or the other. It may not be via intercourse but she will leave the bedroom feeling at least a modicum of satisfaction that having sex with me was not an utter waste of time. I feel a genuine sense of satisfaction knowing that she is having fun as well. After all if I am getting off does she not deserve to get off as well?

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