Moaners and Groaners  

keystonenc 42M
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8/17/2006 7:05 pm
Moaners and Groaners

I never thought about it much until it happened to me, but I find that when a woman makes noise when we are having sex, foreplay, etc. to be a turn on. It never did anything for me when I would see it in porn, it just comes off as being fake and forced most of the time.

The first couple of times I was with someone she did not make a whole lot of noise, mostly just heavier breathing and some sighs and coos but nothing special. But, then, this one time, I was going down on her and I must have hit the right spot or something she just started going crazy. She was oohing, aahing, oh Godding, and even said my name a couple of times. Needless to say she had one hell of an orgasm at the end of it all.

It was such a turn on and got the juices flowing. It even felt like I got harder than usual. By the time we got to intercourse I felt like I was about to burst. My dick had almost ripped a whole in my underwear.

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