time flies  

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5/8/2006 12:47 pm

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5/14/2006 1:04 am

time flies

Been very busy,too busy to write anything.I really must get a life cos all I do is work,eat and sleep.AND BLOODY HOUSEWORK!.I don't mind the washing and ironing cos there's only me so it don't take long and ....oh yea,the cat has got a girlfriend.Beats me how he figured out to use the computer but he's doing better than me,I'm still a sad loser.
Tell you what though,the little bugger is doing my head in cos he's being really fussy over his food.I'm gonna starve the little sod for a week,lets' see if he's so fussy then.
Tellys' crap again tonight,I think I'll have to get poxy Sky or summat as there is nothing to watch again.
Oooo,I forgot to mention this one.It's a bigee.Last week at Manchester Airport I got chatting to the lass who plays Tracy Barlow off Coronation St.I took her photo (asked nicely first unlike the other ignorant buggers who just shoved phones an cameras in her face)and if I knew how to transfer it off my phone onto the comp I would.
Did a roast chicken dinner yesterday so it was a curry tonight.Bloody gorgeous!
Bored now so I'm coming off the infernal machine....Goodnight all.
ps.The West wing just gets better.

rm_turtleBurp 44F
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5/13/2006 4:25 pm

Know what ya mean about 'bloody housework'... how feckin dull is it!

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