Do you daydream differently from the others?  

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3/20/2006 1:42 am
Do you daydream differently from the others?

Quietly, you creep into the room and there she lies before you, deep in slumber. For weeks you have carefully planned this moment and everything is now in place. Sliding forward ever so quietly you draw the cuffs and rope from
under the bed. pulling out the pillowcase You reserved for this moment you leap onto the bed, yanking the case over her head and forcing it swiftly down around her shoulders. Startled from her sleep she begins to fight back, but it's too late, you've twisted the end of the pillow case in your fist and it holds her
defenseless it its grip, her arms mercilessly bound at her side.

Again just as swiftly you knot the case at its bitter end, freeing your hands to work with the restraints lying prepared close to hand.

Soon all is ready,she is bound hand and foot, her legs splayed wide before you, completely helpless, her pleas and cries for help unanswered in the night.

Her senses pain sharpened, she hears the scrabbling of a mouse in the wall, the heavy breathing of her attacker, the creaking of the
floor boards as he(she?) moves quickly to the next room. Running water. Muffled voices outside. The wind creaking branches.

Silent, save for the light scuffing of Your leather mocc's and the whisperings of leather clad thighs, You glide into the adjacent
bathroom and flick on the light. Crossing the room You turn on the shower, further masking the sounds of Your movement as you scout out the contents there. An evil smirk crosses Your lips, cologne... Just the thing.

Moving swiftly, You return, leaving the shower running, the light still on, as though You intended were washing the lush body You'd
spied out over the last several months... (Creamy thighs, lush full breasts, the flickering play of her long tongue flashing across her upper lip. Remembering her head thrown back as her fingers plunged deep while "He" was away, satisfying herself.

Tonight she won't lie alone....)

Your "toys" clatter across the empty nightstand as you empty the bag they were carried in, and you pause, glancing at her half naked body and sniff the air, questing for the arousal you've seen but never been able to smell... or taste, till now....

"What to begin with", you wonder, surveying the toys arrayed before you and your new found love....

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