Adventure so far  

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2/19/2006 9:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Adventure so far

Just went to zouk in the weekend with some friends for drinks. met up with a couple of gals intro by my friends. One of them has this really super firm and perky butt. moreover she was wearing a really short skirt. couldn't take my eyes off her everytime she stand up and down

as the night goes, we had more and more drinks.....i was getting super high. the best think came...she lean against me and i can just feel her breasts against me...(by the way she's not wearing any bra). I just ran my hands behind her bare smooth back while continue playing five ten with my friends.

Well to cut the long story short...we went to the opposite car park among the HDB flat and we just can't wait to kiss each other. my hands were all over her breasts at the stairways and then i took out my cock and she squat down and engulf it in her small lovely mouth. i dunno if its the alcohol or if she's really that good...i felt i was in heaven at the moment when she suck me...she reallyblow my mind away.

And without saying i doggy fuck her aT the stairways. too bad she can't scream too loud and i was covering her mouth....after we are done...inoticed that actually there;s someone opposite who may be peeping at us but anyway i was too high and can't be bothered to confirm.

will look forward to see her again the next time i club...wonder if she's game for my threesome

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