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11/2/2005 10:58 am

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Her beauty races the darkness as the sun makes his way, climbing the eastern sky.
She stands on the shore, shinning brilliant for she knows her time is nigh.
Lighting her world far more than a star, many men come begging from afar.

To bask in her presence to taste of her love, surely she must be a Goddess from high up above.
Men are starnge creatures, for love they do long, but what they consider is quite often wrong.
How does one treat a Goddess on earth, by showing his dong with pleanty of girth?

Nay I exclaim! She requires the best, not only a boy to stare at her breast.
Freely She gives, makes one feel like a king, all to often I fear she is treated like a thing.
This Goddess of love, of lust and of life, to be known by Her would end all of my strife.

My armour is rusted, tainted at best but I approach the dear Goddess, a pain in my chest.
Once stabbed by a sword the pain did not matter, as I draw nearer, the light I place her on a platter.
Blinded by her radiance, I fall to my knees.
Turning so slowly she gazes at me.

She gather's me up and holds me in her arms and holding her close, I vow to do Her no harm.
Treat her like gold and all precious gems and hold her, provide for all of her whims.

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