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5/9/2006 2:21 am

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12/23/2006 8:05 pm


We have good news in Australia today. (09-05-06)
On this day our two miners have been saved. Never knowing or never meet the two men.Tears fell from my eyes. Early in the morning the two walked out of the mine.
14 days they where trapped in the mine, about 1km down. While the rescue was going on.The country was praying. Well ours prayers where answered. Early hours in the morning, the church bells rang. Fire engines sound the sirens to the good news. On this day we are a happy nation. My hope is that this will not happen again anywhere around the world.

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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5/9/2006 3:51 am

Thank goodness!

Purry {=}


imsohorny19822 34F
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5/9/2006 7:01 pm

Its was an amazing story of survival, thats for sure. Whether or not i could survive for 14 days underground in a small confinded area, i think not!!! It just goes to prove that you should never give up hope when disasters like this happen, cause miracles can happen!

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