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8/19/2006 4:46 pm

It's Sundays again. No lotto, Soooo, back to work.
Still alone, Married, but no sex for a long time.
Soooo, I'm looking. Need to have fun.

I have some jokes for you today.
Hope you like.
Let me know.

Suva taxi drivers
A mother and daughter were riding in a taxi through Suva when the daughter noticed some scantily clad women loitering on a street corner by Sukuna Park.

"Mummy," the little girl asked, "what are all those ladies doing?"

"They're waiting for their husbands to come home from work." The mother answered.

"C'mon lady, they're hookers!" retorted the taxi driver.

After a stunned silence, the daughter asked, "Mommy, do hookers have children?"

"Of course," the mother replied, "where do you think taxi drivers come from?"

The last virgin
Mere asks her boyfriend, Jone, to come over Friday night and have dinner with her parents. Since this was such a big event, she tells him that after dinner, she would like to have sex with him for the first time.

Jone is ecstatic, but he has never had sex before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacy to get some condoms. The pharmacist helps him for about an hour, explaining everything there is to know about condoms and sex.

At the register, the pharmacist asks Jone how many condoms he’d like to buy: a 3-pack, 10‒pack or family pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all.

That night, Jone shows up at Mere’s house and meets her at the door.

“Oh, I’m so excited for you to meet my parents, come on in!”

Jone goes inside and is taken to the dinner table where Mere’s parents are seated.

The boy sits, quickly offers to say grace and bows his head.

A minute passes and the boy is still deep in prayer with his head down. Ten minutes pass and still no movement from the boy. Finally, after 20 minutes with his head down, Mere leans over and whispers,

“I had no idea you were this religious.”

Jone turns and whispers back, “I had no idea your father was a pharmacist!”


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