The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and my thoughts!  

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9/3/2005 5:22 pm

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The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and my thoughts!

I know watching CNN is probably not a good thing for me, but I'm also compelled to turn it on just to see what is happening....for the 4th time today. How could something so devastating and tragic happen again?. After 9/11 I thought I'd never be unfortunate enough to experience yet another human tragedy! The amount of human suffering is more than my mind can absorb. The little babies being airlifted to hospitals without their moms, their mommy's not there to love and cuddle them. The elderly left stranded...and dieing in the superdome, only to be pushed aside to make room for another body. The look and despair on the faces, the tears, the suffering! It all seems gut wrenching to me. Writing about it actually is good therapy and helps me to focus on something positive...the eventual outpouring of food and basic necessities to sustain life for these unfortunate people. I've done a small part and doing so made me feel that I played a small role in making a difference...although my $50 dollar donation to the Red Cross today and calling the local radio stations to let them know of a church group putting together two tractor trailers full of supplies..does NOT seem enough! I wish i could do more!! I honestly woke up today thinking I'm going there!! haha! My husband laughed and'll need a boat or helicopter. The guy on the phone at the radio station called me an angel..and I laughed and said....oh nooo...but you don't know me that
It empowers me to see people come together to help. Its amazing how a few can make a real difference. My concerns now are WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO ALL OF THESE PEOPLE? Where will they go? They have nothing left...absolutely nothing.

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3/18/2006 1:19 am

Wow...thank you. This is Kim...and thank you for having the "balls" to say that on this site. You must be real!!!!!!!! Let's talk some time...I love a person who can be honest and completely open about what they are feeling at the moment....that what makes us...

kellys011 56M/54F

6/25/2006 8:44 am

Well thanks..but I'm pretty candid and expressive all the time

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12/3/2007 5:39 pm

Wow, I realised from the date of your post, that this was written in 2005, soon after Hurricane Katrina struck. Even though I'm some 3,000 miles away in Asia (Singapore), I still remember it then - at that time, as the news of what happened began to gather, and people realised that FEMA efforts were inadequate, especially regarding pets and companion animals (not allowing them on board evacuation trucks), I began to get really upset.

It was a terrible feeling to read over the internet and watch news, and realise that there never was an evacuation plan for people's companion animals. I guess I sound callous, thinking about those animals, but I had put myself in the shoes of those who had to leave pets behind, and I know that would be hard. In fact, there were many instances where some in New Orleans refused to leave their homes, if since their animals couldn't come along.

Later on, I watched a Discovery documentary on rescue efforts by the Humane Society and other animal welfare organisations, and how everyone all over the country came over to New Orleans to help co-ordinate animal rescue work, and managed to re-unite alot of owners and their pets. I cried during the documentary, too, because I really felt so much for it. Even now, thinking about how some pets didn't make it, makes me sad, and I hope they are in Rainbow Bridge.

btw, thanks for dropping by in my blog. Loved your comments and the insight given.

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