Its that time again  

kelly_pamela 52T
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3/9/2006 5:08 am

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3/10/2006 12:05 am

Its that time again

Well after reading the gorgeous Miss Kink`s
blog MISS_KINK it reminded me that i should be doing something about my garden.
However after going outside i found to my horror and utter disgust that my flower beds had been dug up by visiting cats.
After berating the dog for not doing his job properly lol.
I now have to go and buy some more plants and flowers and some heavier fencing to keep the damm cats out.
Oh well at least my cherry tree has carried on growing as well as the roses and strawberries.
So now i am actually looking at the cherries and the other fruit i cant wait for summer as i just love home grown fresh fruit.



3/9/2006 8:18 am

Morning Gorgeous K,
I want to thank you for mentioning me in your pretty BLOG entry. I too become completely horrified when I find that some of the neighborhood cats have made comfy beds out of my beautiful fluffy flower plants.
Gorgeous K, the irony of it is that I feed those same cats and fatten them up without realizing that they were putting their acquired girth right on my delicate flower beds.
Oh and as for the Dog, can someone please tell us what has become of our canine companions? I have two little house dog's and they bark at all the wrong times, they have even barked at me and practically hand over the goods to strangers.
I ask them and my self what were you doing when the fat cat was molesting our garden? I thought your hearing was keen.
Gorgeous K, I think our critters are just way too spoiled by our love towards them.

As I type this for you I picture you in your little red & white gingham dress and gardening gloves tending to your plants, looking gorgeous as always.
A cherry tree? I am so jealous my darling. My roses are doing great I just had them trimmed down for the new spring growth. I had some veggie's growing last summer but have never had fruit, mmmm I want some home grown fruit.
Gorgeous K

kelly_pamela 52T

3/9/2006 8:30 am

Morning to you to Gorgeous K
I also have a blackcurrent bush
but i can just imagine the neighbours shock seing me in a gingham dress doing the garden.
oh and i think my little doggie has got a case of selective hearing during the winter months.
He is fine when i say "dinner" but when i say "cats" and its rainy and cold he doesnt hear me.

Have a nice day
Thinking of you

sassybelle21 32F
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3/9/2006 9:10 am

Wow I wish I could grow roses

kelly_pamela 52T

3/9/2006 2:34 pm

Well roses are not difficult to grow just go down your local garden centre and buy some then plant them keep them watered and bug free,
Feed them regularly which you can also buy from your garden centre and then give them lots of love and attention.
They will then bloom to your hearts content.
Provided you check with your local centre about what soil you have in your area there will be no problem.

here endeth the lesson lol

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