EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!  

keithcancook 60M
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4/24/2005 2:55 pm
EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!

First of all they need a mood called "creative" on their list. My post follows:

We have a community here now don’t we? Well, a community needs a newspaper and I have decided to publish one. It is called The A friend finder Tattler and will be delivered to your desktop very soon. I am still tweaking my staffing wish list so bear with me. These are some of my ideas so far…

The opening headline of the first edition of this new rag will be:

Details Inside!

Perhaps in the Living section you will find…

Is Anal For You?
Another Frank Sexual Discussion from sexyfitwoman’s Daily Column on health and lifestyles.

In the political section you might see articles such as…

Tactics For Increasing Influence By A National Majority Party In A Province Where It Is In The Minority.
Essay by nightstogether.

Of course the Poetry Column will be edited by GoddessOfTheDawn.

The Sports Section should be run by sportyforfun without a doubt. Mainly because he can climb buildings and the name fits perfectly anyway. Women’s Sports will be in Mackey’s charge.

The Family Page will be the domain of mzhunyhole.
Inside this section are delightful ideas for spicing up life while raising a family.

On the Lighter Side the unquenchable Tala will have you in stitches!

Stories and musings from a younger perspective go to RickHunter in Today’s Youth.

Alternative Lifestyles is reserved for wyvernrose. And papy.

Adventure and World Travel will include columns edited by expatbrit. Hold onto your hats folks, he will take you places you have never been!

Bella gets the Scandal Section

Arts & Crafts is headed by Almondnut.

On the Editorial Page there are many wonderful and creative columnists discussing subjects of unlimited variety.

For frank, honest, and in your face discussion refer to mygmyg, postingnick, mnfun, mi_mwpm, and many more.

I have tons of writers in mind for these jobs, and more will present themselves in the time to come.

Of course this rag will need advertisers so I need some suggestions from all of y’all…my potential subscribers.

For beginners I would like to get the Barbiebunny account.

I envision an ad something like this:

(picture of Barbie in black leather, spiked heel placed on the back of a naked Adonis with full shot of bent knee and sexy thigh)

DominantsRUs School of Pleasure and Pain Experience the humbling feeling of being squashed like a bug by 9” heels! Enrollments still available!

(I have other ideas and other roles but I am weary with creating this paper for now and need to rest….)

wyvernrose 38F
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4/24/2005 9:01 pm

LOL keith trust you to come up with that idea


rm_dandth 48M/38F
173 posts
4/25/2005 7:25 am

We'd like to apply for the "Deep Thoughts" section of the rag, but if we were a swiming pool, you'd bump your head on the bottom diving in.....


4/25/2005 12:45 pm

WOW Keith great idea, let me know if I can help in anyway, best idea yet , bets and contest,maybe we can have a investgative reporter to find out where missing blogs really go , and judt what happens to missing pics, lol

GleesFlakyShawl 50M
1620 posts
4/25/2005 12:52 pm

keith its the greatest idea ive seen today
maybe well have to add the readers' post (probably these comments?)

keithcancook 60M
17795 posts
4/25/2005 2:04 pm

Very witty response there dandth. The column is yours. See me for the perks and benefits that come with the assignment.

Blonde I am kicking myself for not thinking of that first. Well, that supports my original premise that I would definately need help on this. Our combined minds are part of the perfect recipie for this half-baked plan.

Investigative and Invasive Reporting is your department. You could title your first book All The Blogmakers Responders. (I will let you know when DeepThroat time has cum).

dz2502, you're hired!

papyrina 51F
21133 posts
4/25/2005 2:47 pm

keith if this comment is reseved,well done very good,funny and original

I'm a

i'm here to stay

expatbrit49 62M

4/25/2005 3:05 pm

Trying to type through the tears..... That is the funntist thing I have read in a while. So do I get a budget for the travel section? Let see...Hmmm 500K should do for the yacht!

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

PailsDiverHonks 55F

4/25/2005 4:38 pm

LMAO! Good one Keith!
I am disappointed I didn’t get the Scandal section but honored to be the opening headline. However, I want the whole article on the FRONT page! My Attorney will be contacting you soon to go over any details.

TakesTeatsStood 50M
505 posts
4/25/2005 4:53 pm

Frankly, this is my second post to this thread and I am honestly disspointed my first post didn't stick.

Barbiebunny69 43F

4/25/2005 5:51 pm

I was reading this great idea..and all bummed out inside that Kieth forgot about me... then all of a sudden! POW there i was and i got all excited!! Of course Kieth whatever u want..and u just gave me and excuse to go out and get that pic of the adonis and my boots!

any requests?

keithcancook 60M
17795 posts
4/25/2005 6:54 pm


my dear sweet girl. I gave you the place of honor. My readers left with your name in their minds...

mi_mwpm 51M

4/25/2005 7:02 pm

Love it Keith. Thanks for the mention.

Rest up. After this brainstorm you deserve it!

keithcancook 60M
17795 posts
4/25/2005 10:02 pm

Katey, there will be plenty of room on that yacht for all of us.

It will be the scene of theAFriendFinder TATTLER's inaugaral "cast away" party so don't get left on the dock holding your seahag (oops, that was a Freudian slip. My ex-wife just called) I mean seabag.

Anyway, if this here publishing idea bombs I already have expats word that he is stopping on the Carolina coast where I will meet up with him. Other hopeful crewmates must line up behind us...


4/25/2005 10:44 pm

OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Keith i`m here , wheres my drink ,, Scoop me kind sir or hmmm is that boss man, which ever bring it on.I need excitement, been couped up to long and forced to convelesce , I even see my blog taking on a new side hahahahahahaha

expatbrit49 62M

4/26/2005 2:39 am

Allright 11 women and five guys, finnaly success, cast off the dock lines

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

RickHunter101 32M

4/26/2005 6:02 am

o god i cant wait to see this. its a my neat idea.

sportyfun56 106M

4/26/2005 8:23 am

Wait Expat... don't leave without me... what about all the "Sports and Leisure" activities... hmmmm.

lets see.... for starters this afternoon on the Lido deck pool area. We'll be taking registrations for the Muff Diving competition (Suits optional). All interested participants must see me. Female participants will be signing up on a seperate form to be "interviewed" by me in 2 hour intervals.

And tomorrow morning after breakfast and on deck aerobics class by Sexyfit... Almondnut will be giving pottery classes focussing on producing a long cylindrical implement, flat on one end and with a bullet like finish on the other end.

And then at Midnight: Wyvern and Papy will be leading a small intimate group
discussion on experimentation and pleasure.

** Please be sure to visit the Espresso bar on the Booya deck. CnC is whipping up some real humdingers for you there.

Oh I have much work to do to get everyone involved on this cruise. Everyone send me your suggestions for "activites"... I'll sure try to work you in.
Expat... how long will be be at sea?

PailsDiverHonks 55F

4/26/2005 9:38 am

I can teach Yoga! Maybe some of us females can get to the point where we can perform oral sex on ourselves (when needed of course)


4/26/2005 12:31 pm

Well Sporty I guess since I have to "investigate" I better go first and check out how this competition is going to proceed , and better stick around for each 2 hour interval just to make sure it`s all ran proper "evil grin" and the best way to do that is to sacrifice myself as "muff drive proto type", strickly for the purpose of in depth investigating.
See Keith I promised Iwould make you proud and get right into my job.
Blonde --Investigative and Invasive Extraordinaire

sportyfun56 106M

4/26/2005 1:49 pm

well hun I do appreciate your dedication to the story. I'll gladly allow you to perform your prototypical duties before the official start of "muff diving" trials.

Maybe Greeneyes can try some of that yoga during her muff diving interview.

keithcancook 60M
17795 posts
4/26/2005 3:06 pm

Blonde is on to something folks. This is not a joke! There is indeed some "funny biznis" going on in somebodys blog. This story is real.

Now, who wants to be in charge of Circulation & Collections?

(with collections being the primary focus. I need a yacht, and fast)

keithcancook 60M
17795 posts
4/27/2005 3:40 am

Yeah, I know sexyfit. I only use it to refer to blonde nowadays.

PailsDiverHonks 55F

4/27/2005 1:46 pm

Whew! This morning when I was lurking, I mean viewing your page I saw there was a position open for Circulation & Collections. Of course I would have log in to fill out the application but I couldn’t because postingnick was on his way over to set up my webcam then… *blushing* one thing lead to another.

I have already raised 250,002.62 for this cause!

I have all kinds of good ideas to raise more funds.

I was thinking we could auction off expatbrit49 red Speedo’s with the blue ones to follow. Once the photo of keithcancook hits the internet we can auction that off. Postingnick left his 501’s at my place, that’s how I found the .62 cents since he doesn’t seem to missing them we can auction those off. I have an idea called “win a date with” but the person I have in mind hasn’t replied to my email yet so I’m holding off on that. I need to talk with sportyfun56 to see how the production of the bumper sticker is going. Once that hits the market maybe we can give a certain percentage of the funds towards this cause of course sporty and I have to make enough to pay for a year of this site.

What do ya think? I promise I will be a good girl and I will do my job and I won’t leak information I hear.

sportyfun56 106M

4/27/2005 1:57 pm

Green darlin'
The people at the bumper sticker printers said they wouldn't print it because they read in your blog that it weren't the truth. And we all know, bumper stickers are always true. So we is gonna have to come up with another fundraiser. Any ideas? I'll donate my Hawaiian shirt so you can auction it off with expats and nicks duds. That way you can have a whole outfit. Sell it as a package and get more.


4/27/2005 3:36 pm

Excellent job Greeneyes

I will have to think of something to donate too, noooooooo way will it be any of my shoes , don`t care if it`s a good cause, wait a minute, if I do that then I have room for more ,and I did see 4 more pairs I like , well let me know if I can help .

keithcancook 60M
17795 posts
4/27/2005 5:50 pm

Okay, sometimes these guys won't let me comment in my own blog.

Whoever can get hold of the rulebook and get it to me for publishing in this here rag shall reap untold benefits!

A bit wistfully I offer my white cotton shirt
from my profile picture. I got it a few summers ago on one of my jaunts to the Carolina coast. It is my favorite poolside shirt.

PailsDiverHonks 55F

4/27/2005 7:21 pm

Ummmm... Maybe if I recant my post that it’s not true ya think they might print the bumper sticker?

I was going to ask you for your Hawaiian shirt but I’m tooooo shy, I was going to ask Blondieneedssex to ask for me. She has such a way of getting you guys to do things...hehehe

Blondie you have done so much you don’t have to donate any shoes but if you get 4 for 1, go for it!

Ah...the bossman spoke...OK we have his white T-shirt!

I think that was an ok from the bossman to continue with my fundraising efforts. Gotta go put the thinking cap on...Postingnick you got anymore of that aluminum foil?

keithcancook 60M
17795 posts
4/27/2005 10:14 pm

greenie, I have much more in store for you than the collection dpt (where your skills have made a huge impact in a short period).

Here at AFriendFinder TATTLER we recognize talent and creativity. I foresee a brilliant career emerging.


GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
11240 posts
4/27/2005 11:22 pm

again i'm trying trying trying to commenttttttttt


4/28/2005 4:32 am

Keith Bossman Sir ,Publisher Darlin Sweetie

Be a good man a release your Hawaiian shirt to Greeneye`s for donate, it will make you one step closer to your big boat,If you do this there will be untold benefits . and if not , remember those scanty speedo picks you sent me for challenge , well I think I could ummmm donate them to the highest bidder,, not meaning to put any pressure on you or anything muhahahahahahahaha
It`s a womans world men just live in it "evil grin"

keithcancook 60M
17795 posts
4/28/2005 5:44 am

And of course your comments are welcomed here OhGoddess.

I wish anyone good luck in trying to comment here and elsewhere in blogland. It can be an exercise in futility just to say hello sometimes!

sportyfun56 106M

4/28/2005 6:43 am

We are all futile exercisers. Maybe GoTD's gems are of too high a standard and classy. Perhaps they are rejected because they are much to fine for this rag? The hidden and unpaid censors couln't get her stuff so they threw it out in their ignorance.

and Publ guy... Having Green in charge of collections is a stroke of genius.... but ahem, do we have anyone in charge of Subscriptions and Advertising?
I'se was jest wunering whut she wuz gonna be collectin'.

PailsDiverHonks 55F

4/28/2005 8:39 am

I was wondering what I was going to be collecting too...Ummm, does it involve small vials?

keithcancook 60M
17795 posts
4/28/2005 5:59 pm

well, in my original post for the AFriendFinder TATTLER I asked for help with advertising from all of y'all. Anyway, it is all imaginary. Including your salaries.

I am planning a blog post on advertising after I break the story I have been working on. (for quite a while as will soon become apparant).

sportyfun56 106M

4/28/2005 11:22 pm

Keith... be careful that you don't have any leaks now.... lol

keithcancook 60M
17795 posts
4/30/2005 1:42 pm

I hear ya [blog sportyfun56] ! That is one of my biggest worries concerning the AFriendFinder TATTLER.

If any of y'all get wind of what I am up to please DUMMY UP and keep it close to the vest until I break the story!

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