Swinging: A Rant  

kcer4ever 46
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4/25/2006 8:09 am
Swinging: A Rant

Swinging has never been a guarantee for fast, quick, cheap sex. If you think swinging is this, then you are not cut out for this lifestyle. There are few guarantees in swinging. One guarantee is that you will meet a lot of great people of all ages, shapes and sizes who enjoy having sex. Another is that if you are irritating to people in the swinging world, you will not be welcome to their parties. If you try to get people to promise you sex, then you really need to step back and decide if you should be trying to enter into this lifestyle. Pestering and bothering people in groups is not going to make you brownie points. Changing your IM handle and pretending to be someone else is unethical and stupid.

If you are wondering if I’m directing this to a certain person, I am. I’m extremely angry with him. In fact, at this point in time, I feel like dissociating myself from him completely. I told him there would be no guarantees in swinging. Others told him this, as well, yet he keeps bothering people and trying to get them to make promises they can’t keep. And really, who’d want to have sex with someone who is pushy and irritating? I realize he’s going to travel a great distance to go to a party, but he needs to remember there are no guarantees. Furthermore, if he keeps annoying people, he’s going to find himself banned from every Yahoo group he joins, because the people will complain to the moderators and he will be uninvited to all the parties and meet & greet gatherings. This is unfortunate, because he’s actually a really nice guy. I enjoy talking to him and I look forward to meeting him. I’ll even most probably have sex with him. But then, it’s not a promise.

Now, this is to everyone else that might have bothered me on the first point. If you are a pretty person and you want to enter the swinging lifestyle, then you need to find an exclusively pretty person group, or lower your standards to include people who are larger and older because that is what many groups are made up of. I have no problems with larger and older people. However, there are a lot of picky people out there who want to enter the lifestyle but have all these expectations and standards.

Guess what? Swinging isn’t just about looks and size but also attraction and FRIENDSHIP. I like hanging out, watching porn on the tube and sitting around, snacking and chatting with others, when I’m at a party, because I enjoy the fellowship aspect of the lifestyle. That’s what a party in general is all about and that’s what swing parties are too. It just adds open sexual activities as well.

I really enjoy swinging. I enjoy the people and the friendships I’ve made. I don’t do it just to get laid, although that is an enjoyable part of it. I’ve met so many great people through swinging. Probably have made better friends through it than through everyday meetings. I like the idea that I could go bowling or fishing or bar hopping with these people and not feel terrible about hiding the sexual parts of myself from them. This is because I’ve had sex with them. I trust them and they are my friends.

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