in loving memory of J....  

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2/15/2006 10:37 pm

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4/8/2006 7:25 pm

in loving memory of J....

Liberal ways, human violence in a politically correct time
Like his friends, sweet J embraced life with modern ideas and his open mind

The big top gives way to hip hop, and all blend in
After all, we all know reflecting too much upon division and difference is a sin

Politically correct hippy yuppy hip hop clones dictate and force their “tolerance” views
They smoke pot with their kids all day, then worship in their self-righteous pews

Victims of strange and liberal minds gone sick
Children die, live life hard, and it all goes by now far too quick

School shootings and mind lootings, lost children reflect on nothingness
I stand by lost watching so sadly filled with despair and emptiness

Ebony and Ivory, J was one Ivory key nestled in the middle of an Ebony set of four, a mixed up keyboard
He trusted, though, because he knew friendship was all that mattered, especially when he scored

Little did he know that four young friends carried such deep anger and hatred
When they looked at cracker suburban boys, friends or foe, they just smelled loathing so putrid

Little boys’ baseball symbols and football dreams turn into a nightmare of disbelief
Four friends carry a small bat and lead the fifth friend underneath

They go to play football in the night
With Ivory boy not knowing there’d be robbery and much more than a fight

Four Ebony brothers batter and bruise his brain
Leave him to die in the cold, sad, tragic rain

Ivory parents wonder why sweet J hasn’t returned home
They have no idea he’s dying in the middle of a football field in the rain all alone

Ebony boys run away to old confederate rebel lands that gave birth to their learned hatred and anger
No one ever taught them to question the sickness and hate nor the danger

Returning home after months, the criminals are mildly punished
J’s gone for good, his life simply abolished

Sweet handsome J never hated and was never cruel or mean
He loved his hip hop life, was dearly loved, just partied and was part of a cool scene

He was living the ideal life we millennium adult idiots all stupidly sell
It led him to trust too much and to that final night on earth like hell

My son said he saw J in a dream
He warned him of a bogus life, and tried to tell him things aren’t as they often seem

I looked out at an empty field from my window on a cold and rainy night
And felt a deep missing space and thought about all that wasn’t right

Young ideals of innocent times
Turn to demons and manifest into crimes

Imagined dreams mutate from radioactive selfishness and denial
Four young murderers albeit set free after a kangaroo trial

God bless J’s sweet soul--I know he’s resting in peace and love
Please give us fools down here a lot more guidance from above

©2006 katya

gemini0157 59M  
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2/16/2006 10:18 am

Evil is not selective nor compassionate.... It'll take whoever's there. Yes... God bless J

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