Shallow Suckers and Further Muckers  

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1/18/2006 9:25 pm

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Shallow Suckers and Further Muckers

Drama Kings and Performance Queens
Self-serving behavior of shallow beings

Apologies for not being there
When really does anyone truly care?

Self-importance doesn’t go too far
It’s only in your own world you’re the czar

People without lives like to buy in
They have no personalities, no where to begin

What can they learn--what can they whistle?
Nothing but a flower without thorn or thistle

Boasts of self like cheap meat full of gristle
Rubbing against skin like a prickly empty bristle

Talking and mouthing with no true chagrin
Whining and twining without real passion from within

From start to finish, no beginning and no end
Massaging oneself, giving imitative love, trying to pretend

Do you even know who you really are?
A shiny object but no star

No form to speak of, a head full of air
Big shot giving advice, do you really dare?

Bogus Player Kings try to impress Pseudo Porn Queens
Play out your counterfeit, vacant and anaphrodisiac cyber scenes

Ignorant fools will dance along and follow
Sucking down your crap, taking in all you have to swallow



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