A Passionate Friend  

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9/26/2005 12:27 pm

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A Passionate Friend

We started out as friends, this man and me. Although he had the most amazing green eyes I'd ever seen, I really was not attracted to him.
He was very proper and very preppy. In fact, everyone thought he was gay. As I got to know him, I got to know his family. The more we talked and socialized, the more I realized just how passionate and seductive this man was.
We bet on a football game, he lost. What a fluke that was, I hate football!! The bet was a massage...an innocent massage.

We met at a hotel one Saturday afternoon. Really, this was supposed to be totally innocent!(I know, I'm naive)

He suggested we take a shower together. By this point I'm intrigued and getting turned on. I'm shy so I say, "You go ahead, I'll wait out here."
He undresses in front of me and I'm struck by awe when I see his package. I pretend not to notice.
I'm getting hornier by the second just thinking about him. What the hell, I get undressed and sneak in on him. "Do you mind if I join you" I ask as he smiles from ear to ear.
He reaches down to take my face in both his hands and begins to kiss me so deeply and passionately that my knees go weak. He lathers up and starts washing me with his hands and his body! The hot water running down over both of us makes us slippery and smooth. He's holding me tightly, pressing his body against me and rubbing, carressing, driving me crazy. He runs his hands all over me, finds every little crease and crevice of my body. His erection is so hard that he is poking and prodding me.
We finish our shower and move to the bed. He gets the massage oil out and tells me to lay on my belly. I'm totally naked and ready to obey his every command. He begins massaging my shoulders and my neck. He works his way down my back and slides his hands around to my breasts. My nipples are so hard, so aroused; he massages my breasts and teases my nipples. He brings his hands back around and resumes massaging my back, moving down to my buttocks. Ohhh, it feels so good as he kneads and squeezes my backside. Again, he slides his hands around to the front and lays on top of me. He brushes the hair just above that sweet, sweet secret place between my legs. The weight of his body on mine is heavy but leaves me totally helpless. I can't move. I don't complain. He can do whatever he wants to me at this point...and he does. He's rubbing his body up and down and all around mine; now holding my hands over my head. Kissing the back of my neck, his solid rod sliding back and forth between my thighs...teasing me. Then all of a sudden he enters me. He just slips right in with all the massage oil between our two bodies it was smooth and quick. I spread my legs apart and begin to enjoy the way he loves me. Sliding in and out, quick and then slow motions. He thrusts deeper and deeper, faster and faster. He's sweating now, his perspiration now mixed in with the massage oil.
His thrusts are neverending, harder and harder, yet even faster now. I'm moaning, he's groaning as he takes us to heights I never knew. His hands have moved down and he's rubbing my clit as he's pounding away at me.
I'm so close to coming, I get up on my knees and he follows along with me, allowing me to get on all fours. He raises up one leg and begins to fuck me like I've never been fucked before. I can't believe how fast and hard his thrusts are and I can no longer keep quiet.
We come together, both of us screaming with pleasure.
Surely the whole floor heard us.
That was a very enjoyable friendship; and I have alleviated all doubts...he is definitely not gay!

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