4 Basic Temperaments...Which one are you??  

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4 Basic Temperaments...Which one are you??

Warm, buoyant, lively and fun-loving.
Receptive by nature, he never lacks for friends. He genuinely feels joys and sorrows of others.
Although unintentional, he tends to forget his resolutions, appointments and obligations.
He is never at a loss for words, but often speaks without thinking.
His free-wheeling, seemingly exciting, extrovertish way of life makes him the envy of more timid temperaments.

Hot, quick, active, practical and strong-willed.
Self-sufficient & very independent...tends to be decisive and opinionated.
He is not frightened by adversities and always lands on his feet. Often considered an opportunist, he tends to be domineering and bossy
and does not hesitate to use others to accomplish his ends.

Analytical, self-sacrificing, dependable, gifted, perfectionist. He has a very sensitive emotional nature. Prone to be introverted but a faithful friend.
As a general rule, no other temperament has a higher IQ or more creativity/imagination.

Calm, cool, slow, easy-going, well-balanced. Tends to avoid personal involvement, yet has a very high boiling point and keeps his emotions under control. He is consistent, kindhearted and sympathetic but seldom conveys his true feelings.
He is a spectator in life, a natural peacemaker, "the reluctant leader".
He is a master at anything that requires meticulous patience and daily routine.

I'm a cross between Sanguine/Melancholy.

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