THE FUNERAL MASS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,,,  

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THE FUNERAL MASS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,,,

A new preacher was asked by a local funeral director to preach at a funeral for a derelict, a local homeless man, who recently passed away. Being a typical guy, the

preacher figured he didn't need directions to the cemetery, which was a new one and the derelict would be it's first person buried there. The preacher drove and drove,

getting lost. He finally saw workers with a backhoe in a clearing, but no hearse. He pulled over his car, got his coat on and proceeded to the workers. He said to the

workers, "Sorry I am late". The workers seemed puzzled. The preacher stood next to the hole and noticed the lid on the vault was already on. He told the workers, "This

will only take a short while", and proceeded with a funeral mass with the workers watching. The preacher went on and on, starting with Genesis and finally ended with

Revelations. The workers looked in amazement. Finally after nearly 2 1/2 hours, the sermon ended. The preacher thanked the workers and proceeded to his car. The

preacher removed his coat and was about to get in when he overheard a worker say.."I have been putting in Septic Tanks for over 20 years and this is the first time

this has happened".

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LOL! That's cute!

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Oh, Shit!!

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