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leegs55 i thought you were cumming up to the party?"leegs asked.
kats looking hard at leegs , oh my thinking to herself she must be dreaming.
ahh,yes iwas cumming down shortly,as you can see im not dressed yet!" she laughed.

'well i wanted to know if you were cumming!".leegs told her.

"well im heading down stairs then!" he told her.
NO! wait.kat Well I was feeling a bit hungry so I turned to leegs and took his cock in my mouth making him hard at the same time leegs reaching down to my already wet cunt and playing with my clit. ! Needing to show leegs some attention I turned his cock to slide it into my mouth. Using my techniques of sliding up and down, sliding my tongue around the tip of his dick and swallowing him whole it wasn't long before I realized I better stop before he reaches his climax to soon. I turned over onto my back where leegs started to work sweetly on my clit. Oral sex is great and having a strong tongue against my clit is always nice! Before I knew it he was catching his own cum in his hand. It was extremely amazing that a man could be that turned on to be able to do something of the sort. I was really impressed as any woman should be. I took his cock again in my mouth and felt leegs come up behind me, feeling his cock fill my wet pussy and start pumping in and out from behind. I was in heaven! I was starting to sweat while moaning with ecstasy.leegs came out and laid back and I had no choice but taste myself on his cock. I love to taste my own cum dripping off my fingers, or a good stiff cock. leegs hard on came at me from behind, sliding his cock deep into my pussy and pumping me hard. Ok so it's to good for heaven she was thinking and I know I certainly wasn't in hell. onto my back as I was getting exhausted leegs starting licking my cunt and I was wet all over again. a man getting off over a woman. I wanted so bad to taste him and he made it came true! I was extremely turned on and ready to cum when leegs blew his load in my mouth. I love nothing more than a hard cock above and cum dripping down my throat.....mmmmm tastes so good! I. Spreading my legs and gently riding him at first I couldn't hold back any longer. Fucking him harder I knew by the pleasurable moans he was going to cum and feeling my body start to shake and my muscles tighten I knew I was Cumming for the whole state of missouri. leegs blew inside and all I could do was roll over as he was now done himself.. Fucking heaven, fucking hell, fucking right is was all the above.
leegs55"well kat i think im spent!"leegs said.
katsback"i know i am!" kat said
"lets go get a drink!"he told her.


leegs55 54M

7/15/2006 9:59 pm

kat..your pusssy tasted soooooo gooooood!! and your pussy felt sooo good against my cock!!! mmm you are a dream!!!!

leegs55 54M

7/15/2006 10:06 pm

wow!! kat is a great woman!!!! mmmmm

SingleWarrior 52M

7/16/2006 1:11 am

*walks in* ...ummm Oops. Wrong turn in the hall

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