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we left kat flying the plane and coming into tropical weather, yes she had gone through a black hole of we left the guys and mo blowing up the mountain and taking off on the pirates snow moblies,headed to their ice hole to get the treasure on board a old pirate ship. "ok daniel are you ready to dive"kurt asked."sure am" said daniel."ok lets get it done and get out of here" said kurt. so tige and mo wait with the snowmobiles and watch for any trouble so they could let kurt and daniel know.ok kurt and daniel are now down in the water,they have gone into the ship searching,they find what looks to be like the captains quarters and low and be hold there it is. a big trunk full of coins and gold bars."the guys have a chain and hitch it to the trunk and they tug at the chain for tige to know to pull with his hydrolic jack and the trunk is moving,up it goes to the surface,and so do kurt and daniel. when they get up to the top, mo and tige are looking in awe. " you were right daniel" mo said. well the guys load the trunk up on one of the snow mobiles and take offmofunnowwow danielgr kludesttigeratty
to be cont....

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"We're rich! Now, we'll never have to work again! We can blog all day long and go on more exciting adventures together whenever we want!" Tige exclaimed. "Yah, and I can buy fresh roast coffee all the time and even get me a new top o' the line coffee maker!" Kat said. "I can go and do missionary work!" MO said. "I can get myself some new scuba gear!" Kurt said. "I can tell Dickhead to take his job and shove it!" said Daniel.


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Wait we could donate to a museum for all to enjoy! Research the history, so much to offer the world educationally and historically. How exciting!

Psych...WE're RICH!!! We are really RICH!! WOO HOO! All that money makes me wanna....oh TIGER

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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