part 2 of mini series(IN SALVATORI'S WORDS)  

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11/25/2005 9:14 am

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part 2 of mini series(IN SALVATORI'S WORDS)

kat ,why fight you made up you mind,i dont want you to go through any more pain,like we already have, i do love you very dan

kat, i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dan

kat , i couldnt get a hold of you for one thing and when i got to write back,you had someone else, i was going to be shipped home, but i heard and decided to stay,i was going to come and see you,i had a montht of AdultFriendFinder time built up and i was going to spend it with you, and if things went well,i would have moved to be with you, which i know it would have, but now i cant ,so i cant tell you the rest. dan

kat, you didnt give them my name did you,they will make me go home, i dont want to go home right now,please tell me you didnt please.dan

kat if you used my name i will be sent home, i will also get in their shit list, possibly lose rank, these army pricks hate people who go to congress or reps, they will see to it i go down,
please tell me if you used my name so i can protect my dan

kat, i was going to ask you if you would mind spending the rest of my life with me,by my side, i told you it was to late, i just have never met any one like you before, short hair and all, you were beautiful and smart, loving and kind, you were one in a million and now its over, someone else took my place and if you used my name, i will retire less than i am, thats why my life sucks , thats why, damn i love you kat, but you love another, i cant change that.i just hope your happy, dont worry about me , i can have a building fall on me, and i will live to see the next day, im sorry that i aint the same that i was ,but the smile has left my eyes for now,im sure it will beam out again, just not soon thats all,all because i feel deeply in love with a woman.. love you kat dan

kat, i got to go, write back soon,i will always love you, im glad i told you, i feel a little better, but i still need to know if you used my name, please tell me so ill be ready for this round.i will always love you ! dan

kat you need to write them back,tell them the problem is solved, i may lose retirement money, i will get in trouble ,you dont understand.if you love me you will, please thats my whole life i worked, and get it taken away i beg you, i will maarry you please, i could lose around 500.00 a month,when i retire,please!!!!!!

kat, i love you with all my heart, but you have to write them back, and tell them its alright,and under control, if you do i will come home and surrender,i give in but you have to write them,dan

kat, im in love for the love of god with you and i will be home soon, im going to spend that month with you and i will show you the love in my eyes, have to go, have to walk about a mile to my room,i know that we will work like a clock wake up together, go to sleep together,eat, kiss,all of lifes givings, if you let me in, and if you want to do this, i think it would be magical, this is the last go round for me,it will be perfect, goodnight, i love you ,smile you got me! with all my love dan,,hugs and kisses to you> i will be home sooner than you think,if you want a kiss and a hug from meand get to know one another more, you will have me for one month , then a life time.....dan

kat, i feel bad about what happened , and today,i just said the hell with it and started my retirement paperwork,that should make you feel better,i also know that i have caused you a great deal of pain,and i cant go on any more missions, i took myself off them, i work at a storage facility now, boring but safe.speaking of best friends,i know one that was making me a quilt, i would really like to have it, i guess i need to get you some items from over here too, love dan

kat, you can kiss me any time babe, how about a months worth soon
thats because i have you my dear, thats what i needed all along.
well what time do you go to work and for your information i am looking to be married again to you of course,i am head of heels in love with you babe.
so would you accept my hand and in sickness and all that goes with it,,i better get,before i cant and you yes i want to ask you, KAT WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN ANSWER ME LATER ON E-MAIL BUT FOR NOW I GOT TO GO BABE, SO THINK ABOUT IT LET ME KNOW I LOVE YOU. GOODNIGHT!!!!I LOVE YOU DAN

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