my mini series ,starts here, now,,,,,a love story  

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11/25/2005 7:54 am

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my mini series ,starts here, now,,,,,a love story

hi kat i have been back a week now,we lost internet,but will try to get a hold of you.write back if you get this,i enjoyed the mail you sent me,,dan
kat im glad you wrote back,we are still friends right?i missed talking to was a living hell out there and i dont want to do that again.write back again. love dan

kat,im sorry for the ways this turned out,but i thank you for being there in my heart for that short helped me get to the next day.i sort of feel empty as like somethings missing but i will move on.i do wish you keep writting me.did you finish your quilt,i bet its as pretty as you.well i best get,write you again tomorrow,love dan

kat,thought i would write soon more,i know you were worried and cried and im glad you found wouldnt have wanted me anyway because of what changed my life as well.yes i was in a hospital bed for three months.on january 11th we were on a convoy heading north,we were hit by a ied,the vehicle we were in was damaged and we have to get out,we took small arms fire and all i remember is a ringing sound in my ear and two days later i woke up in the hospital.i was shot in the cheek and it came out the other side,it kind of messed up my jaw a little,but hey at least i have matching scars,hahahahahaha!smile its alright,i still have a wonderful friend.sorry i couldnt write you.bye for now please dont be mad,and please write back! love dan
kat i was pigheaded to let you know.i tried to find a computer, but none to be found,i have 3 inch scars on both cheeks, but like i said before,hell atleast they match,i have a 1 inch scar on my chin where i feel on it, i wanted to tell you, but i thought with scars and other things messed up on me, you would blow me off, so i am the fool.i could kick myself if i could.i still feel like somethings missing, but at least we can be friends,p.s a part of me will always love you! with love dan pss;write back ok
god i miss you kat,well you cant even know the pain i was in and outside my face looks sunken in , but alive and ready to go. i wanted to stay here for my country and carry out what i started,,,but they are making me retire here before i go home, i will miss it so,i wont know what to do,i have friends from allover the world,i talk with them when im sad,and yes ive been talking with them alot lately, i dont know what to do, i feel so empty and lost and scared for life,it sucks life seems so unfair to me.well who cares anyways,so how is my smiling little lady today,fine i hope,e-mail me love you dan

kat , i know we are best friends, but i cant think anymore,its like im in lala land, i was burning trash and burnt my upper arm this morning, 15 minutes later,i messed up my left arm, picking up something heavy, its black and blue now, i am in deed lost, i need to find my way back, lots of love dan, help me find my way back,please!!!!!!!!!
kat im ok, i got doctored up, pretty bad burn i guess, i havent felt no pain, i dont know why, i guess i still hurt inside, what makes it bad i cant get on any chat lines at all,the military filtered them all out, we can only do email.i would like to get married one last time you know, its hard to snap out of it when i need to share my life with someone and cant , it really sucks, i sure hope you have a wonderful day sunshine, i will keep writting so smile dan
kat i have your address now,i got four letters that you wrote me, i got them today, they just remembered and gave them to me, i didnt know you sent me letters, makes me feel worse than ever now, damn the military and all it stands for, it wrecked my life forever and then some,write back later,need to blow off some steam right now,before i blow up inside, if you ever knew,,,!dan
kat i want to go, but why , i have a son ya, but he hasnt written or nothing, i really have nothing to go home to, its like my life was wiped clean from the books,nothing to show for it,i want to be happy again,,if you only knew,i wanted to tell you something when i returned from my mission, if you only knew, im a mess hon, and thats not me , i am one of the happiest people you will ever meet, but its gone, lost it, need it back, IF YOU ONLY KNEW! i will write back later tonight, all muy love dan.p.s if you ever knew, i will take that with me forever! love ya!!!
kat, me again,just to think they had my letters you wrote and when they visited me, they didnt bring them, i could have wrote you,and let you know, they fucked us up, and it hurts me really bad,im taking this real hard and who knows. i cant take this shit, its killing me slowly, thats the bad part, i wanted to tell you something, and now i cant it sucks(if you ever knew)sorry that i am this way today i will write more later, love dan

kat, its to late to tell you, its just to late,write back dan
kat , if i told you how much i love you, id be shot down again! dan

to be continued !

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