female jealousy  

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10/3/2005 10:29 pm

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female jealousy

got some problems at work right now with a particular female, a older one at that,,,she sees me as a threat to her i guess,though im not.she cant stand the fact i guess i got my own office there, but i went in on that from the beginning knowing thats what i was hired for to work the computer,well she cant stand it and is doing evrything to sabbatage my job.,the old bittie, lol. i just want to do my job, not have all this cat clawing shit,,,i havent had a job with such back stabbing females before,,,it sucks,,i knew there was a reason i hung out with men more!lol,,,

rm_rome211 60M
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10/4/2005 1:54 am

Sounds messy. Common problem in the corporate world. May I suggest some ideas and guidelines? Firstly, the reason you may have liked working with guys is that we are pretty upfront with our feelings and thoughts. (Mind you the number of feelings we may be able to identify and communicate might be less than 5 but we do a good job of stating them...smile.) Secondly, make sure you pull out your job description and be able to identify and measure each duty required of you in your position. I hire people based on what they do and use the job description to measure their success. Thirdly, unless she signs your paycheck or is your immediate supervisor, bring out your best smile and keep working. Lastly, you may want to try a formula I use to help my young leaders communicate with everyone up and down their ladders and goes something like this. Use the four I's of a complete communication..."I see", "I think", "I feel", and "I want." An example would sound something like this. "Hey old bittie (no not really), you got a second for us to talk....(you take the initiative)Evey time I see you, you look at me with a scowling face. I think boy, she must really think I'm a snob. I feel like you really hate me. I want to know if any of this is true and what can you tell me I could do to better improve our work relationship. If need by write down the 4 I's on a piece of paper and use them as reminders. Try it an see tell me what happens. Here is to better working days.

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