cant sleep  

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10/1/2005 1:41 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

cant sleep

went to bed at midnight, woke up about 2 something, dont have a clue what woke me up,,,men, work, , listening to love songs on yahoo,thought i might as well get up, have a really long weekend, lol .damn just cant sleep late any more.i have a idea of a business in my head, i want to open a go-kart track,,ive sent off for the information on one, i live in a tourist trap in summer, could make big bucks if i work it right,i hate working for someone else, working hard , not getting shit for it!! i have a boss who likes to pay,when her ship comes in, i cant live like that, so im looking else where this week till i can go out on my own,,to much going on , god give me strength!!!!

rm_rome211 60M
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10/2/2005 8:04 pm

you go may i suggest some ideas. (1) check with the city planner on available zoning and future zoning for some thing like that(ask if there is any history to this idea before you); (2)ask those who are presently running one. befriend them and ask them lots of questions (insurance, maintenance, layout, unexpected problems, what they would do different, special personnel, equipment, banking solutions, etc); (3)talk to others who can help ya succeed like an accountant, attorney, mechanics, advertising, possible investors, etc. and see if they would be willing to counsel you as a favor or hire them outright.

Double/triple check yourself and see that your have the where-with-all to succeed in these three areas: know how to be a leader; be able to do the management/administrative stuff and be able to see the vision or be the vision caster for this new enterprize. In my expereince, this is the reason that many new businesses fail. They are missing any one of these three areas. (They can do the technical thing but hate doing the paperwork and working with other people). What do you think...Can ya do it? I think you can. We really don't know do we but we do know that doing nothing will not get you Good Luck!

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