PART 4 mini series,(IN SALVATORI'S WORDS)  

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you get mad so quick,please im starting to worry about you now, i will call tomorrow, i aint getting your e-mails tonight for some reason, now im gonna worry all day tomorrow about your feelings being hurt, and you being mad at me. i love you!!!!!!!!!! dan good night sweet dreams to you>
kat, sorry but net has been down, phone too, it has been a living hell here, i am getting little to no sleeptrying tp get my warehouse signed over so we can leave this hell hole.i would have called from the other phones ,but they kept me working so i am very sorry you know i love you very much, well i have to get back to work, i will talk to you on here tomorrow. i love you!!!!!! dan
,,,,,ok heres where it starts falling apart, narrator talks,,,see dan told kat he sent her ring by fed ex, well kat waited for it,dan had told her it cost him 695.00 to send it priority mail,3 days by fed-ex, well kat waited, waited, , no word from dan in days either,,,so she called fedx and they told her it was never sent, kats heart was broken,danny had lied to her!

kat, so you want me dead,i dont even wish that for our enemies.i try real hard to please everyone, but they want more and more, i work long hours, dont get no sleep,and im getting sick from it,but you think i can stay up all night and day, just so i can talk to you,i tryed real hard cant do it.i dont have internet at my building,i was going to suprise you, i was taking leave and come home for two weeks to see you and do things that needed to be done,like put my house on the market,and move some things down, but now you want me dead and i was bringing the ring back with me for a suprise, but you want everything right now, i am coming home still, but you just showed me what kind of person you are, i am sorry you feel this way,im sorry you hate me so much,that you want me in trouble because things didnt go your way, but what about me, do you even care about me, i guess the hell with me, so i guess i have to tell you have a good life and i hope you find someone to love forever, goodbye dan
now see kat knew dan had lied and when she e-mailed him she wasnt very nice at all!
damn you dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i will hate you forever!!! the thing is, i was in love, i will get over you, you will always be a no good losing
soldier, or whatever you are, i will find true happiness someday!!!,go get hit by a ied and do the world a favor!!!!goodbye dan,

narrator,,,and thats why dan got mad above.
and when he said to kat so you want me dead!she really didnt want him dead, but she was mad he lied to her!

kat , youwant me to do the impossible, call you every night, i cant, email every night, i cant, i wish i could be home, oh i loved you so much, but you changed on me,i will always love you inside , and maybe you love me ,who knows we will never find out now that you want me dead so i will go and maybe find my own peace in this sad world of ours. dan
narrator...ok time passes, talking about 3 months,
kats on the internet and guess who pops up?

kat and dan both tell each other hi, then kat asks dan if he got her quilt,
yes i did,he says, kat asks if hes home
no! dan tells her

wiil you please tell me the truth , you know i cared,said kat
about why you never even sent a pic
what truth, i have none to send,,dan told kat
i dont understand, said kat
i have never liked my pic taken, not even as a kid ,dan told her
you should be in bed sleeping! dan told her

well they im for awhile back and forth that night, kat was happy again!
they even told each other they loved thy other.
dan told kat he was coming home soon,
to be continued......

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