Am i blushing yet......why yes  

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12/1/2005 4:01 am

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Am i blushing yet......why yes

i just read a post,andi went to answering it blushing while i wrote about a males masturbating, though in real life,it has happened, in front of me, lol i just feel funny talking about it on here,taboo...maybe. well its dec 1st, 18 more days now,need to go see my lawyer,have not spoken to him in awhile. doesnt look like it snowed either,i guess thats a good thing, then id want to stay home,not drive in it.well its almost the weekend, thankgod.. though it will not be a exciting one im sure, ill visit folks, and be home most of it. im sure i wont be greeted by anyone at my door,maybe wrap a present or two,watch a xmmas movie,stay in keep warm,miss a fireplace! the old house had one , thats where the fire started,somewhere up in the flue,but they sure are romantic!getting back to first conversation, i wont talk much about things like that on here , cause its not me, in private yes..but not on here,,hehehe

hornette 62M
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12/1/2005 2:34 pm

well don't feel bad about not being greeted by someone at your door as you walk in. i've been doing it for several years. sometimes it's a good thing, but once in awhile i just wish there was somebody to greet me and show a little affection. kind of tough to meet a quality person in a small town. catch up with me on AdultFriendFinder im and you can talk about anything you want.
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